Posted by: Richard Schwier | January 16, 2009

New book on social capital

I don’t usually do advertising for books here, but this is an important exception. My good friend and colleague, Ben Daniel, has just released his first book, entitled, “Social Capital Modeling in Virtual Communities: Bayesian Belief Network Approaches.” I’ve worked with Ben for years, and I know that this book will live up to his high standards, and may become a seminal reference in the field. Here is a description from the flyer:

Social Capital Modeling in Virtual Communities: Bayesian Belief Network Approaches broadly examines what constitutes social capital in geographical communities and offers an in-depth description of its potential in virtual communities. Providing the latest findings for advanced undergraduate
and graduate students as well as researchers and academicians involved with virtual communities and social capital, this book draws upon insights from interdisciplinary fields such as artificial intelligence, human computer interaction, educational technology, and economics and sociology.

Congratulations, Ben, on this achievement! If anyone would like to consider buying a pre-release copy of the book at a reduced cost, you can download a copy of the flyer.



  1. Congrats to Ben. I am sure it is everything Rick says and then some. When is the first book signing?

  2. I look forward to it!

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