SSHRC program funding

There are several targeted opportunities for SSHRC funding in the coming months.

1. Research Development Initiatives (RDI) – Deadline 7 April
The RDI program supports research activities that can lead to the development of innovative programs of research. Such activities may include, but are not limited to, case studies, pilot projects, critical analyses, research collaboration and new ways of producing, structuring, and mobilizing knowledge. Specifically, the program is intended to help researchers to:
· – develop new research questions;
· – explore conceptual and methodological perspectives and directions;
· – critically analyze and assess research, including its achievements, impacts, strengths and state of development.
2. Aid to Research Workshops & Conferences in Canada – Deadline 1 May
This program support workshops and conferences held in Canada that will facilitate the transfer of research results within and between disciplines and among Canadian and international researchers. Funding is available to help defray the costs of organizing workshops and conferences. Eligible expenses include administrative costs, travel and subsistence fees, and the publication of workshop and conference proceedings.

3. International Opportunities Fund (IOF) – Deadline 8 May
Two types of grant are available:
Development Grants, to support developmental activities—such as workshops, seminars, and planning meetings—that are expected to lead to significant international collaboration;
Project Grants, to help secure Canadian participation or leadership in current or planned international research initiatives or networks.


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