New issue of IRRODL released

From Terry Anderson, Editor:

We are pleased to release another fine issue of IRRODL. This issue marks our 10th year of publication and I am confident that IRRODL is now the most widely read and cited distance education journal in the world. We present in this issue 8 peer reviewed scholarly articles (from 5 continents) and 2 book reviews. There is also an editorial from Brigette McConkey, new IRRODL Managing editor, which lists the top downloaded article stats from 2008 and an offer to apply as IRRODL Book Review editor.

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Table of Contents IRRODL 10(4)

Main Section
1. Kothmale Community Radio Interorg Project: True community radio or feel-good propaganda?
– Liz Francisca Rosalia Harvey-Carter
2. Critical and Higher Order Thinking in Online Threaded Discussions in the Slovak Context.
– Katarina Pisutova-Gerber, Jana Malovicova
3. Increasing Public Access to University Qualifications: Evolution of The University of the West Indies Open Campus
– Michael L. Thomas, Judith Soares
4. Research and Practice in K-12 Online Learning: A Review of Open Access Literature
– Cathy S. Cavanaugh, Michael K. Barbour & Tom Clark
5. Integrated Networks: National and International Online Experiences
– Osvaldo Antonio Muniz-Solaris, Christine Coats
6. Interaction Equivalency in Self-Paced Online Learning Environments: An exploration of learner preferences
– Jason Rhode
7.Recurring Issues Encountered by Distance Educators in Developing and Emerging Nations
– Clayton W. Wright, Gajaraj Dhanarajan, Sunday A. Reju
8. Making Education Equitable in Rural China through Distance Learning
– Shiling McQuaide

Book Notes
1. Pask to the Future
– Griff Richards
2. Distance Learning in Higher Education: A Programmatic Approach to Planning, Design, Instruction, Evaluation and Accreditation
– Terry Anderson

ECMM M.Ed. Project Presentations

The College of Education at the University of Saskatchewan will be holding an Open House and Mini Conference on March 14 from 9:00 am to noon. As part of the conference (we think it’s the best part by far) our M.Ed. Students will be presenting their final projects. It’s a great day — full of marvelous work and celebration. Join us in person if you can, or by Ustream (I’ll announce the location later). We will be streaming from at least one, and hopefully multiple rooms.

Room 1022
Brenda Kalyn: Enacting curriculum: Partnerships in education.
Lisa Braun: Project Healthy START: College student voices promoting active choices.
Kristi Nelson: TBA
Moderator: Dr. Angela Ward

Room 1024
Vince Anderson: Enlisting the social and ecological justice students’ ingenuity and creativity in re-forming their world view: An heuristic investigation.
Linda Dunkley: Teaching environmental education in Saskatoon.
Jordan Epp: Out Your Front Door: A youth-led community development experience.
Moderator: Dr. Janet McVittie

Room 1218
Shaun Loeppky: Web 2.0 tools in a blended learning environment.
Cindy Seibel: K – 12 parent portal: An implementation guide.
Xing Xu: Adapting to university studies in Canada: Self-directed learning modules for students at the University of Saskatchewan Language Centre.
Moderator: Dr. Richard Schwier

Room 1219
Hong (Ellen) Du: English reading on the Web, collaborative interaction in Second Life: A multimedia supplementary with knowledge of early childhood education for traditional second language instruction.
Clint Reddekopp: Emerging technologies: A prototype for open identity learning.
Constance MacKenzie: An Interactive Computer Simulation Emulating Participation in Provincial Government
Moderator: Dr. Len Proctor

Room 1251
Peggy Jubien: Mobile technology in post-secondary education: A proposal for an online resource.
Arcadio Viveros Guzman: Online communication tool for sustainable forest management networking.
David Trottier: An online toolset dedicated to genealogical discovery.
Moderator: Dr. Edwin Ralph