CNIE-RCIE takes position on Net throttling

I’m passing along this message from Ray Whitley and Maureen Baron, President & Vice-President of CNIE-RCIE. It was directed to CNIE-RCIE members, but it is also important for all Canadians (and our American friends to the south) to consider.

Net throttling is the discriminatory assignment of public bandwidth to
preferred, commercial customers by large Internet access providers, and
the corresponding denial of bandwidth to other users. It threatens to
become an increasing and endemic problem for educators, students and
other not-for-profit Internet users in North America. The CNIE-RCIE
board shares our members’ concerns about this discriminatory &
obstructive practice. Here is news of a germane development, from Facebook:

“Perhaps in response to the cumulative efforts of organizations groups,
and individuals who have directed comments to the CRTC, the Commission
has set up a public online consultation website to facilitate public
input around a variety of topics pertaining to the open Internet.

Whereas in February, the CRTC allowed individuals and organizations to
submit their comments on traffic management (over 11,000 were
submitted!), they have now put forth a series of questions to which
anyone can respond. This is a positive first step on the part of the

We hope that the CRTC will take this hearing as an opportunity not just
to solicit feedback, but to go where the public is, both online and
offline. The upcoming “open Internet town hall meetings” taking
place in several cities across Canada is one such opportunity, as are
the raging online discussions happening on Youtube, Facebook, and
Twitter. True openness in public policy requires more than seeking out
input, it requires public consultation on the terms of the public.”

In preparation for a formal CNIE/RCIE intervention, your Board will be
preparing input for the CRTC ISP site and anticipated CRTC hearings.
In the meantime, we encourage all members with a personal interest in
net throttling- and that would be most of you- to respond to the CRTC’s
survey as you see fit, and as often as you like!

Thank you!

Ray Whitley, President, CNIE/RCIE
Maureen Baron, Vice President


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