ESL Bursaries for Graduate Students

This post is for international graduate students attending the University of Saskatchewan. I am copying a letter I received today from the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies, Dr. Lawrence Martz:

The College of Graduate Studies and Research (CGSR) is pleased to announce a new ESL
Bursary program for international graduate students. This three‐year pilot project will
make thirty‐five bursaries available to students for the 2009/10 academic year, with 70 and
100 bursaries available in year two and year three respectively. This has been made
possible by new funds allocated to the College through the Integrated Planning Process.
Working with the CGSR International Committee and the University of Saskatchewan
Language Centre (USLC), the College is launching an ESL support program for graduate
students experiencing difficulties in their academic studies due to weaknesses in their
English proficiency. CGSR will be making bursaries available to international graduate
students, currently enrolled in a graduate program, who have been recommended by their
graduate supervisors, or graduate chairs. Each bursary will cover the majority of an ESL
course at the USLC; students will be expected to make a minimal contribution of $25.00.
Selections will be made in latter part of August, November and April, so as to immediately
precede each cycle of the course offerings at the Language Centre.

All full‐time international graduate students who entered the College with the required
English language proficiencies are eligible to be recommended by their graduate supervisor
or graduate chair. Should the demand for ESL support exceed the available number of
bursaries, priority will be given to doctoral students, and, to students in good academic
standing nearing the completion of their program.

The electronic application form and the procedures and guidelines should be posted on the
CGSR website by the end of the month. Please feel free to contact myself or Penny Skilnik if
you have any questions about this initiative.


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