Congratulations to our new M.Ed. Alumni!

ECMM gang (l-r) Cindy, Arcadio, Shaun, Xing, Jeff, Jay

(l-r) Cindy, Arcadio, Shaun, Xing, Jeff, Jay – not pictured: Linda, Ellen, Peggy and Constance

What a great day! I love convocation, especially because it gives us a chance to formally celebrate the accomplishments of our great folks in the Educational Communications and Technology Graduate Program at the University of Saskatchewan. We all dressed up in our academic gear and had a great time. It was also Dr. Jay Wilson’s very first convocation as a faculty member, so it was a terrific day for a lot of reasons.

Here is a set of photos from the event:

Congratulations to all of our fine students, and today, especially these scholars who received their M.Ed. degrees.

Jeff Kardynal: The potential of serious games for teaching high school construction technologies: A case study. Department of Curriculum Studies, March, 2009.

Linda Dunkley: Teaching environmental education in Saskatoon.

Shaun Loeppky: Web 2.0 tools in a blended learning environment.

Cindy Seibel: K – 12 parent portal: An implementation guide.

Xing Xu: Adapting to university studies in Canada: Self-directed learning modules for students at the University of Saskatchewan Language Centre.

Hong (Ellen) Du: English reading on the Web, collaborative interaction in Second Life: A multimedia supplementary with knowledge of early childhood education for traditional second language instruction.

Constance MacKenzie: An Interactive Computer Simulation Emulating Participation in Provincial Government

Peggy Jubien: Mobile technology in post-secondary education: A proposal for an online resource.

Arcadio Viveros Guzman: Online communication tool for sustainable forest management networking.

Jay Salikin: Portfolio in Educational Communications and Technology

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