Call for Papers: Technology & Social Media in education

In Education, a refereed journal published out of the University of Regina, has moved to an open access, online format, and it’s first guest editor will be Alec Couros. It promises to ba a great inaugural issue, given Alec’s worldwide stature and reputation in open, connected and social learning.

Alec is calling for submissions for review. The deadlines are tight, but if you have something you’ve been working on, this would be a wonderful opportunity to publish with a highly respected scholar as your editor.

Dr. Couros will be launching this latest iteration of the journal as we continue and grow the conversation in education. Watch for the journal’s digital space to be launched in November of 2009.

Special Issue: Technology & Social Media – in education
To mark this important transition of the journal, a special issue will focus on technology & social media in education. Submitted articles should focus upon current theories, practice, or emerging trends and understandings within the context of teaching & learning, learning environments, or informal learning.

Some suggested topics are listed below:
– Social and participatory media (e.g., blogs, wikis, microblogging, video sharing) in teaching & learning.
– Mobile technologies, txting, or microblogging in learning, or implications for social justice & politics.
– Practical or philosophical discussions on open content or open educational resources.
– Implications & trends regarding open publishing & academia.
– Online communities as formal and/or informal learning environments.

– Openness and/or networks in teaching & learning.

– Case studies of successful technology integration into learning environments.
– Discussions of distance, online, distributed, or flexible learning models in practice.
– Changing views & frameworks of knowledge and implications for education.

– Social networks, participatory media, and the implications for information & media literacy.
– Personal learning networks (PLNs), personal learning environments (PLEs) or related frameworks.

– Other topics related to social media, technology, and education.

You can find the rest of the call for papers here.

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