Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany
15-17 January 2010

Berlin, today, has great influence within the realms of science, technology, commerce, architecture and the arts. No other region in Europe has such a rich concentration of scientific, academic and research facilities, as does Berlin. Adlershof, a district of Berlin, has become one of the world’s 15 largest science and technology parks and is named the ‘City for Science, Technology and Media’. The focal points of Berlin’s research span the depths of medical technology, biotechnology, information and communications technology, optical technology, material sciences and transportation and environmental technologies. Showing testament to the quality of this very research, one of the products of Berlin’s research, a digital film recorder, received an Oscar for technical innovation at the 2002 Academy Awards in Hollywood. At the heart of the recorder, a new frequency-stabilized laser diode, was the creation of the Ferdinand Braun Institute for Highest Frequency Technology. Of addit
ional significance, the Max Born Institute for Nonlinear Optics and Short Pulse Spectroscopy generated the world’s shortest light pulse (used to examine ultra-fast chemical processes and primary biological procedures), with a duration of only 3.8 femto seconds – another tribute to Berlin’s thriving technological research.

This Conference will address a range of critically important themes in the various fields that address the complex and subtle relationships between technology, knowledge and society. The Conference is cross-disciplinary in scope, meeting points for technologists with a concern for the social and social scientists with a concern for the technological. The focus is primarily, but not exclusively, on information and communications technologies.

The Conference includes plenary presentations by accomplished researchers, scholars and practitioners, as well as numerous paper, workshop and colloquium presentations. Presenters may choose to submit written papers for publication in the fully refereed International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society. If you are unable to attend the Conference in person, virtual registrations are also available which allow you to submit a paper for refereeing and possible publication in this fully refereed academic Journal.

Whether you are a virtual or in-person presenter at this Conference, we also encourage you to present on the Conference YouTube Channel. Please select the Online Sessions link on the Conference website for further details.

The deadline for the next round in the call for papers (a title and short abstract) is 13 August 2009. Future deadlines will be announced on the Conference website after this date. Proposals are reviewed within two weeks of submission. Full details of the Conference, including an online proposal submission form, are to be found at the Conference website –

We look forward to receiving your proposal and hope you will be able to join us in Berlin in January 2010.

Yours Sincerely,

Karim Gherab Martin
Visiting Research Scholar
Harvard University, Cambridge, USA
For the Advisory Board, International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society and The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society

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