CNIE championing copyright reform issues

AMTEC, and now CNIE-RCIE, are very engaged in copyright reform — and have been for as long as I can remember. It will come as no surprise to readers that copyright, and by extension copyleft, is an issue that has legal, social, pragmatic and philosophical importance. If you’re interested in copyright, and you should be, consider this request from Maureen Baron and Ray Whitley. I just picked this up from the CNIE-RCIE listserve and pass it along to you.
Ross Mutton, retired from Carleton University, was the AMTEC copyright point person for many years and is currently acting as an advisor to the CNIE Board of Directors on the copyright dossier.
Maureen Baron, CNIE President, will represent CNIE at the government sponsored copyright consultation Town Hall scheduled for Montreal on July 30, 2009. She and several CNIE Board members will then write an electronic submission for the federal consultation website, . CNIE’s position will reflect their members’ interests, concerns and realities in the education sector. It will be important for both K-12 and post-secondary communities to present a united front to counterbalance corporate interests and priorities regarding the economics of copyright law and its enforcement.

A key outstanding copyright issue for Canadian educators is the extension of fair dealing provisions in the current Copyright Act to all media, and not just print, and the broadening of the definition of “classroom” to include registered virtual spaces, as well as conventional physical ones. Distance education students and traditional on site students must have equal access to legal and affordable learning resources. Distance education and traditional on site teachers must have equal access to legal and affordable learning resources without having to recreate them every term. Provisions to make circumvention of Digital Rights Management illegal must not impinge on fair dealing, for the sake of archiving, research, and accessibility to learning and teaching resources.

If you have any comments, concerns, ideas or suggestions for the CNIE Copyright submission please forward them to either CNIE President Maureen Baron at or to CNIE Past President Ray Whitley at

If you have already submitted an electronic submission to the government on the Copyright consultation and would like to share this with the CNIE membership, please post it to the listserv or send it to either Maureen or Ray. If you have, or plan to attend any of the Town Hall meetings, please send any comments on the experience or the content to Maureen or Ray.

2 thoughts on “CNIE championing copyright reform issues

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  2. Rick- thanks for the profile. Copyright is an issue over which it is absolutely essential that Canadian educators stand shoulder to shoulder through Associations like CNIE. Given the power and reach of the players in the current legislative drama, it would be all too easy for the legitimate interests of teaching, research & learning to get lost in the dust cloud…

    That said, this is also a great opportunity to make those interests known and better valued in Ottawa (and Washington 😉 Ray Whitley

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