Posted by: Richard Schwier | August 20, 2009

Jay’s 879 Premiere tomorrow

A note of local interest to our ECMM community – new and old:

Dr. Jay Wilson will be unveiling the products of his summer video course, ECMM 879, at a gala premiere event on Friday August 21st at noon in Arts 241 (Place Riel Theatre, for you oldies) on the University of Saskatchewan campus. The video stylings of Lesley Walters, Andy Baetz, Dan Schellenberg, David Trottier, Clint Reddekopp, Jon Yellowlees, Kent Muench, Kim Hobbs and Jordan Epp will hit the big screen…

and you’re invited. If you’re in town, or even if you’re not, please feel free to drop in to be part of what promises to be a wonderful afternoon together.



  1. I wish you could have all been there with us. A nice size group gathered for the premiere. Jay was in a tuxedo, hosting the event, and we were treated to some fine examples of learning, humour, instruction, and imagination. Well done, gang… proud to know you!

  2. Are any of these works posted online. Would be happy to see them. Jay told me about this class when we met at TLt. I would love to take it.

  3. Hi Kyle. Sorry I missed your comment earlier. It got caught in my spam filter. I don’t think Jay posted these videos anywhere. But I’ll check with him, and if I find them I’ll let you know.

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