CIDER Presentation – Jon Baggaley on December 2

We would like to invite you to the next presentation in our series of free CIDER sessions. This session features a presentation and discussion with Dr. Jon Baggaley, Centre for Distance Education, Athabasca University.

Title:  International DE Opportunities in Difficult Economic Times

The world’s current economic crisis is placing serious pressures on distance education. In October 2009, the situation was addressed at an International Summit on Distance Education, held in Beijing. The conference focused on the survival challenges and opportunities currently facing open and distance learning. Professor Baggaley attended the conference as an invited chair and speaker on this topic.

In this CIDER presentation, he will share the conclusions of his DE research and site visits in 21 Asia-Pacific countries since 2004, and will emphasize the opportunities offered by international DE collaboration at a time of economic crisis. In addition, Professor Baggaley will report on the conclusions of the summit.

When:  Wednesday, December 2, 2009, 11am-12pm MDT (Edmonton)

Where:  Online via Elluminate at:


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