2009-10 CNIE Graduate Student Stipend Award

The CNIE-RCIÉ Graduate Student Stipend Awards Committee invites graduate students to submit proposals for consideration for a 2009-2010 Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE) Graduate Student Stipend Award. For purposes of this competition, research will be broadly defined.

The goal of this award is to promote graduate student research in distance, online and distributed education theory and practice. The research stipend competition is open to all graduate student members of CNIE who are actively engaged in research associated with a project, thesis, or dissertation at the Masters or Ph.D. level.  Submissions will be accepted in either French or English.

The amount of money available for the award is dependent upon the sponsors’ contributions and will vary on a yearly basis. Depending on the submissions received and the annual monies available, this may result in one award or several awards of lesser amounts. Examples of eligible costs are indicated in the submission guidelines.

The entry form and the requested information should be submitted electronically to the CNIE Secretariat at the e-mail address indicated on the entry form. Five copies of any supporting documentation that cannot be sent or accessed electronically should be appropriately copied (CD, DVD, etc.) and mailed to the Secretariat office (see address below). The emailed submission must indicate that other materials will follow by mail.

The submission deadline is 26 February 2010. See the attached submission guidelines and entry form for further information and evaluation criteria. Also attached is a one-page poster for distribution among your colleagues.

The Graduate Student Stipend Award will be presented at the CNIE-RCIÉ Conference to be held in St. John, New Brunswick, 16 – 19 May 2010. For more information about CNIE-RCIÉ, please visit our Web site (http://www.cnie-rcie.ca). Should you have any questions regarding the competition, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Lorraine Carter and Bettina Brockerhoff-Macdonald
2010 Graduate Student Stipend Awards Committee



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