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Listed below are the most recent Job Postings that have been added to the SALT®Web Site (

1. Instructional Designer

Savannah, Georgia

The main responsibility of the position is to ensure that a high standard of instructional design is maintained throughout the life of each online learning development project. Duties include assisting in the development of eLearning curricula and courses, working closely with faculty content experts to develop effective content and course designs, providing artistic direction, editing course content, reviewing and evaluating course content, assisting with embedding and formatting learning objects, and providing quality assurance testing.

2. Senior Instructional Designer Customer Education

Washington, District of Columbia

The Senior Development Specialist creates learning opportunities for Fannie Mae’s customers.   Primary responsibilities include:  •    Working with employees and customers to develop learning solutions to complex business problems;  •        Executing all stages of the instructional design process with an emphasis on development and maintenance; and  •     Developing a range of needs-based educational products, including classroom materials, online performance support, e-learning, and print-based learning solutions.

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