3D Invitation Poster

Media Access & Production (eMAP)at the University of Saskatchewan would like to invite you to view a demonstration of Panasonic’s new 3D camera and 3D monitor.

3D has come of age in the film industry and now Panasonic has made it possible for educational institutes to become a part of this technology by developing the world’s first professional, fully-integrated Full HD 3D camcorder. The educational applications for 3D video are limited only by the imagination. 3D visuals can be used in a wide variety of educational applications and has the capability to bring research and educational support material to life. For example:

    In the medical field students can view detailed models of organs in 3D.
    The science and biology sector can view models of chemical compounds or plant cells in 3D.
    The architect can view models of proposed buildings and landscapes.
    Engineering can utilize the video to demonstrate new devices, vehicles and structures.
    Geography can take on a whole new look as land features are viewed in the classroom in 3D.

Let your imagination go wild!! Come experience this new technology with the rest of the U of S community.

Please see the attachment for details. Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think may be interested!

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