Most everyone has probably heard about the devastating earthquake that mauled Christchurch, New Zealand earlier this week. For anyone who knew we were in Dunedin, we are fine, but this fine city to the north of us is not.  This photo (unattributed) has been circulating around the Twitterverse, and it shows Chch from the Port Hills as the quake hit. Amazing shot.   I haven’t been able to locate the source. If you know who it is, please let me know so I can request permission to leave it here.

We lived in Christchurch for 6 months about a decade ago, and fell in love with it. It was (and I hope will be again) one of the most beautiful and convivial places we have ever been.

People are hurting there, and the infrastructure of the city has taken such a beating that it might take months for services to return. If you are moved to donate to its recovery, we are hearing that the Red Cross is the best organization.  Here is a web page with some details:  This is not, by the way, a request that you send money. But a few people have been asking what they can do to help, and really, this is all I can think of.  And do be careful; there are the usual array of scams surfacing.

And thanks to everyone for your kind messages and encouragement, just in case I have neglected to let you know how much it means to us.




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