New Republic of South Sudan


Congratulations to my friend, Ben Kei Daniel Motidyang, and all people of the new Republic of South Sudan. We just attended a celebration of the independence of South Sudan today, as they mark their first day as a new nation.  Children sang, politicians talked, and people danced — sometimes spontaneously.  It was a glorious party, and I’m sure it will continue the rest of the day and well into the night. Few of us can appreciate the struggle and sacrifice that people made to achieve this goal, and my biggest hope is that it will usher in a long period of peace and prosperity. I know that may take time, but it is a wonderful day for hope and looking to the future.

Here are some videos and coverage of celebrations.


One thought on “New Republic of South Sudan

  1. Hi Rick,
    For more than 56 years of struggle, we finally pulled out of the Sudan and put the geography back to its place. Thanks for coming out to support us on our celebration of our independence. It was quite a week. The day went as planned. We ended the day yesterday with a major clean up, almost all day.

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