Interview with George Siemens about Connectivism

I had the chance to chat today with George Siemens about Connectivism, a reprise of something we did in 2008.  Lots has happened since then, so George graciously agreed to let me interview him once again about the theory of connectivism.  Since we last talked, George and Stephen Downes have famously created and offered some very important MOOCs (massive open online courses) to thousands of participants, and both of them have learned a great deal about connectivism in the bargain and shared what they’ve learned generously.  Also, George is a research fellow at TEKRI (Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute) at Athabasca University, and he tells us a bit about his work in learning analytics, why it is important, and how it all fits within the bigger theoretical interest in connectivism.

So, here it is in 30 minutes of goodness: