@cogdog + #cookielove = blessing

Okay, here’s my cookielove story.  @cogdog, aka Alan Levine, is a friend of mine. I don’t know him as well as I would like, or as well as I will, but he is a friend.  We met once on a speaking gig in Hawaii (doesn’t suck) and then he included us on his North American circumnavigation to meet with people he knew in a variety of ways. It was a wonderful evening, one I will treasure for a long time. This has turned into a voyage of community that I will talk about later, but for now, let’s concentrate on the immediate

There’s more…

Alan’s Mom died while he was in mid-circumnavigation.  Because Alan is a public guy, and because his Mom was cool and let him share parts of her life in his weird way, we came to know her as the “cookielady”.  Read about her here.

So when she passed, a bunch of online folks who came to love @cogdog and wanted to participate created #cookielove, a day when we would make cookies and share them.  How cool is that?   Read about it here.

So today we whipped up our best batch of cookies from my own Mom’s recipe box (she passed away in 2004): cowboy cookies.  Oatmeal, chocolate, walnuts – hey , almost every example of #cookielove has been similar.  Nothing special, just good.

But the best part was figuring out who we gave them to.  Alan’s mom had her own tradition, and we created ours.  One batch went to a neighbour, whose kid was going through surgery.  Another went to another neighbour, who is a wonderful artist whose painting hangs in our living room (did you see it, Alan?), and who we love deeply but haven’t seen since we left on sabbatical. She has a tumour – who knows how that will turn out?  Our last delivery was to a friend we see far too seldom, but who we feel is part of our family, if not our DNA. There’s a back story I may share sometime, but it isn’t important here.  She immediately sent us to pick apples in her back yard. You’re amazing @_sambo_.

We are blessed by people like this in our lives, but we don’t stop to think about it often – or often enough.We feel community because of them. We are community because of them. Our lives have meaning, and the meaning is embedded in the connections.

And @cogdog, your Mom found a way to reach across the divide, and re-connect them to us through a batch of cowboy cookies.  Rest in peace #cookielady.  I never met you, but you made my family sing today. And you made a pretty amazing son I hope will be a friend — for life.