Session: Cochrane on “A life examined: Was it worth it?”

We have an irregular series in the College — a tradition where faculty can present some ideas or work in an open forum.  The first is fascinating — you’ll see the description below.
We will be streaming the session in our ETAD Elluminate classroom, and you can join us at (or in person, of course). Just click on the link a few minutes before the session. It will ask you to add your name, and you will then join the session.  If you have questions or comments, you will find a chat area you can use.
So, join us and spread the word!  It would be great to have a good sized virtual audience!
Date: Thursday, October 13
Time: 4:00 pm
The Live at 4 on Thursdays Series is about to start up for the current academic year. And first up is former colleague Dr. Don Cochrane. Don’s presentation is called: “”A life examined: was it worth it?”
I for one have read Don’s piece that he is basing the presentation on – what a wonderful read! It takes us through his entire time as an educator, from being a classroom teacher to a very long time in the academy.

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