ID position at SIAST Kelsey Campus (Saskatoon)

Thanks to Heather Ross for passing this along.

Instructional Designer – Online/Multimedia SIAST Kelsey Campus – Saskatoon Full-time

Full posting at

The primary responsibility for the position is to apply principles of instructional design in the creation of online course materials. The position will analyze content and identify appropriate instructional media, design learning activities, develop interactive components, create and construct content in an online environment. The successful applicant will support all phases of integrating instructional technology into the teaching and learning process.

Your role as a full-time instructor at SIAST will be supported through instructional materials, on-going employer provided training, and our requisite faculty certificate program. This initiative will develop our instructors professionally while ensuring a high quality learning experience for all SIAST students.


1. Develop online learning student and instructor resource materials; design effective instructional strategies and technology-based resources.

2. Create effective learning designs for online delivery of synchronous and asynchronous courses. 3. Facilitate the adaptation of course materials to asynchronous Web-based environment and assist in setting priorities for projects and

activities. 4. Design and create pedagogically sound course materials that require the integration of technology with instruction in online environments

including multimedia authoring tools, FlashTM, PhotoshopTM, streaming media, audio/video technologies and other related software. 5. Assist in the analysis of learning goals, learners, and learning context for course design and evaluation. 6. Participate in the production of course materials that require the integration of technology with instruction including Web development, multimedia authoring tools, streaming media audio/video technologies and ensuring appropriate evaluation methods are included. 7. Participate in establishing course development schedules. 8. Employ effective time management strategies while working on multiple course development projects simultaneously. 9. Integrate all course elements and provide attention to detail and quality assurance in the development of electronic course materials. 10. Assist and advise faculty in defining appropriate instructional strategies & philosophies in the preparation of courses and course redesign. 11. Provide knowledge and skills in instructional design, assessment, adult learning theories, instructional principles and practice. 12. Analyze existing instructional materials to identify potential areas for design modification using new technologies. 13. Conduct education/training analyses; develop assessment and evaluation strategies and tools. 14. Contribute to the evaluation of emerging Web technologies and tools. 15. Work collaboratively with Learning Technologies staff and distributed teams to develop/promote a variety of support services. 16. Lead development teams in the design of effective WBT instructional strategies in collaboration with content specialists and technical support. 17. Other duties as assigned.


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