CIDER session, Dec. 7, on project management for e-learning

We invite you to the next presentation in our fall series of free online CIDER sessions. This session features a presentation and discussion with Dr. Beverly Pasian from the University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht.

*Please note that this session will be at a special time: 9:00am MST.

Title: Project management process and practices for your e-learning efforts

Universities represent an organizational model on their own unique path toward project management maturity. Over the last decade, they have embraced project management practices in an attempt to apply a greater degree of planning and coordination to teaching and learning strategies. The management of e-Learning projects has been directly affected by such developments. This presentation will share findings and specifically identify project management processes and practices that will resonate with and enable participants to reconsider their own approach to managing e-Learning projects.

When: Wednesday, December 7, 2011 – 9am to 10am Mountain Time (Canada

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Where: The CIDER sessions have moved to Adobe Connect!  To join this session go to:
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Edtech Posse invades #ds106 radio space

It was inevitable.  Sooner or later the posse would be invited or would just ride intto #ds106 radio space (ds106– for life).

And I missed it.

But I won’t miss the recording and I hope you won’t either.  Here are the show notes, and here is the recording of the session.

And by the way, if you don’t follow #ds106 radio, you really should. It’s all about inventing new ways to create communication energy.  As Alan Levine (aka CogDog) once said, “It’s not about playing the radio; it’s about playing WITH the radio.”

Come and listen to the posse play with the radio. Next time, gang, I’m in.





Murmuration and transient, beautiful learning

My good friend Ron Marken told me to do a search on “murmuration” and “vimeo” this morning. When Ron says something is good, I jump to it, and I have never been disappointed.  This little video by Sophie Windsor Clive is breathtaking. She was not only incredibly lucky to fall into this event with a camera rolling, but she does one of the best jobs of steady-cam in a canoe I’ve ever seen.

But more importantly, the content is exhilarating. A murmur of starlings is not just an environment where mathematicians can discuss chaos theory, it is a flat out gorgeous display of nature. And it is a wonderful metaphor for learning.  It reminds me so much of what great learning can be — social, poetic, graceful, surprising. And fleeting–oh so fleeting. We often talk about the durability of learning, as if learning needs to endure for it to matter.

Maybe not.  Maybe those brief encounters with new learning, those times when we sweep around together as we chase an idea, only to forget it in a day, week, or month, are important.  Maybe that kind of learning matters too–maybe more. Maybe a lot of meaning and joy in learning happens while we are flying wing-to-wing, building fresh and temporary patterns.  What’s so bad about that?