CIDER session: Motivation in Online Learning Contexts

We invite you to the next presentation in our winter series of free online CIDER sessions. This session features a presentation and discussion with Dr. Maggie Hartnett from Massey University, New Zealand.Title: Motivation in Online Learning Contexts

Evidence suggests that motivation is an important consideration for online learners. Based on this, existing research has frequently focused on exploring ways to design online environments that are motivating to learners. Alternatively, motivation has been thought of as a collection of relatively stable personal characteristics of learners with a view to identifying those traits that predict learner success. However, more contemporary views acknowledge that it is the complex and dynamic interplay of both personal and environmental factors that influence motivation to learn. This presentation reports on research that investigated the nature of motivation in online learning environments from a contemporary ‘person in context’ perspective. It highlights that motivation is more multidimensional and situation-dependent than first thought and identifies a range of social and contextual factors that can combine in complex ways to foster or undermine motivation.

When: Wednesday, March 7, 2012 – 11am to 12noon Mountain Time (Canada)
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*Local times for the CIDER sessions are provided on our website:

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NMC webinar: Developing STEM Learning through Technology in Africa

From Samantha Adams at NMC:
The New Media Consortium is hosting a free webinar tomorrow, March 1 at 9 am Central US time that you may find very interesting.
RSVP for the live event on the official Facebook event page. (Don’t have Facebook? No problem. We just like to get an idea of the headcount and facilitate Facebook discussions beforehand).
***The webinar will take place in our virtual room:**
The webinar is part of the HP Catalyst Thought Leader webinar series, which features major innovators and experts in education sharing their experiences and best practices. This particular webinar coming up is called “Developing STEM Learning through Technology in Africa,” and it is featuring Shafika Isaacs, a founding Executive Director of Schoolnet Africa ….among many other titles and roles!
In this live event, Shafika will reflect on the particular challenges, opportunities, and successes of using ICT to develop STEM learning in a range of African contexts and what we all might learn from those experiences. Though the projects she works on primarily are in Africa, they are scalable to countries and regions across the globe. They’ll give you a lot to think about and inspire some action!
We’re fortunate enough to have her join us for this webinar to hear her reflections on how she has helped to improve STEM education and sustain high quality learning experiences and accessibility. She will be discussing many successful projects, including the Nokia Mobile Mathematics Project in South Africa and the Bridge-IT project in Tanzania. You’ll be able to pick up tips and best practices to launch similar initiatives at your own institutions.
Learn more about Shafika and her work here.

Samantha Adams
Director of Communications

EdTech Posse Podcast 8.1– Bring your own camera

Rob Wall is working on a iphoneography project with some grade 9 students, for both photography and videography. How does this integrate with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach to getting technology into the hands of students? He talks it over with Dean Shareski and Alec Couros who were somewhere in the darker regions of Eastern Standard Time (so I missed joining them by an hour).

Show notes and link to the podcast.

Listen carefully to learn the details regarding how to win one of the coveted EdTech Posse mugs.