April CIDER Session with George Siemens

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We invite you to the next presentation in our winter series of free online CIDER sessions. This session features a presentation and discussion with George Siemens from Athabasca University, Canada.
Please note that the link to CIDER Sessions has now changed to:
Title: More is different: Sensemaking and wayfinding in complex information environments
Human use of information is constant in daily activities. The internet, social media, and emerging technologies have not only made information more abundant; they have made it more fragmented and complex. Conducting research on the online information interaction activities of individuals can be difficult as information environments co-evolve with the actions of individual agents. Fortunately, with digital technologies, the trails and traces that individuals leave as they interact online can provide researchers with valuable insight. Open online courses are situated between structured classrooms where the educator typically defines information structures and the open web where learners are self-directed without cohort goals and objectives. This presentation will provide an overview of how our relationship to information is changing, review a grounded theory analysis of sensemaking and wayfinding activity of learners in open online courses, and present the Sensemaking Wayfinding Information Model (SWIM) for how individuals deal with complex information.

When: Wednesday, April 4, 2012 – 11am to 12noon Mountain Time (Canada)

*Local times for the CIDER sessions are provided on our website: http://cider.athabascau.ca/CIDERSessions/

Where: The CIDER sessions have moved to Adobe Connect!  To join this session go to:https://connect.athabascau.ca/cider/
Please note that it is extremely important that you get your system set up prior to the start of the event.  Make sure your Mac or PC is equipped with a microphone and speakers, so that you can use the audio functionality built into the web conferencing software.  Also, the Adobe Connect platform may require an update to your Adobe Flash Player.  Allow time for this update by joining the session 20 minutes prior to the scheduled presentation start time.

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