Hallowe’en issue of IRRODL

There’s some scary good stuff in this issue!


Vol 13, No 4 (2012)

Table of Contents


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Editorial: Volume 13, Number 4 HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Terry Anderson i-iv

Research Articles

Cover Image
An investigation of collaboration processes in an online course: How do small groups develop over time? HTML PDFMP3 EPUB
Namsook Jahng 1-18
Cover Image
Impact of OpenCourseWare publication on higher education participation and student recruitment HTML PDFMP3 EPUB
Stephen Carson, Sukon Kanchanaraksa, Ira Gooding, Fred Mulder, Robert Schuwer 19-32
Cover Image
Facebook groups as LMS: A case study HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Hagit Meishar-Tal, Gila Kurtz, Efrat Pieterse 33-48
Cover Image
Footprints of emergence HTML PDF MP3EPUB
Roy Trevor Williams, Jenny Mackness, Simone Gumtau 49-90
Cover Image
Understanding e-learning adoption in Brazil: Major determinants and gender effects HTML PDFMP3 EPUB
Shintaro Okazaki, Luiz Miguel Renda dos Santos 91-106
Cover Image
Who am I and what keeps me going? Profiling the distance learning student in higher education HTML PDFMP3 EPUB
Jacqueline Aundree Baxter 107-129
Cover Image
Organizational factors’ effects on the success of e-learning systems and organizational benefits: An empirical study in Taiwan HTMLPDF MP3EPUB
Ying Chieh Liu, Yu-An Huang, Chad Lin 130-151
Cover Image
Exploring learner to content interaction as a success factor in online courses HTML PDFMP3 EPUB
Tekeisha Denise Zimmerman 152-165
Cover Image
Assumptions and challenges of open scholarship HTML PDF MP3EPUB
George Veletsianos, Royce Kimmons 166-189
Cover Image
Beyond the net generation debate: A comparison between digital learners in face-to-face and virtual universities HTML PDFMP3 EPUB
Begoña Gros, Iolanda Garcia, Anna Escofet 190-210
Cover Image
Mobile microblogging: Using Twitter and mobile devices in an online course to promote learning in authentic contexts HTML PDFMP3 EPUB
Yu-Chang Hsu, Yu-Hui Ching 211-227
Cover Image
Sense of community in graduate online education: Contribution of learner to learner interaction HTML PDFMP3 EPUB
Jo L. Shackelford, Marge Maxwell 228-249
Cover Image
Student access to and skills in using technology in an open and distance learning context HTML PDFMP3 EPUB
Hanlie Liebenberg, Yuraisha Chetty, Paul Prinsloo 250-268
Cover Image
Emotional presence, learning, and the online learning environment HTML PDF MP3EPUB
Marti Cleveland-Innes, Prisca Campbell 269-292

Field Notes

Cover Image
A needs assessment of ODL educators to determine their effective use of open educational resources HTML PDFMP3 EPUB
Charity Akuadi Okonkwo 293-312

Leadership in Open and Distance Learning Notes

Cover Image
Leadership, personal transformation, and management HTML PDF MP3EPUB
Tim Workman, Marti Cleveland-Innes 313-323

Book Notes

Cover Image
Book review – Learning theory and online technologies HTML PDF MP3EPUB
Diane Carver

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