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 Patrick Lewis, Editor-in-Chief
Shuana Niessen, Managing Editor

in education, Faculty of Education, University of Regina

in education

Vol 19, No 1 (2013): Spring 2013

Table of Contents


 Patrick Lewis

 Articles ——–

Becoming Pedagogical: Sustaining Hearts With Living Credos       
-Carl Leggo, Rita L. Irwin

Ensuring Success in School is About More Than Getting A’s: Layered Stories
-Corinne L. McKamey

Theatre as Representation (TAR) and the Teaching of a Graduate Administration of Inclusive Schools Course 
-Mathew Meyer,   David Young

Taking it to the Tweet Seats: How Teachers Can Use New Technology to Create “Theatre Knowledge Building Communities” in the English Language Arts and Drama Classrooms
-John M. Richardson

Insignificant Stories: The Burden of Feeling Unhinged and Uncanny in Detours of Teaching, Learning and Reading 
-David Lewkowich

Four Winds, Colonialism, and Educative Practice: The Deconstructive Perspective of Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
-Paul Kolenick

Book Review ——–

A Review of On Reflection: An Essay on Technology, Education, and the Status of Thought in the Twenty-First Century by Ellen Rose
-Douglas Brown

International Journal of Designs for Learning, vol 4, no. 1

Volume 4, Issue 1 of the International Journal of Designs for Learning is

This issue contains five peer-reviewed design cases, with two cases
including integrated multimedia elements. We look forward
to your contributions and continued support of this exciting venue for
scholarly research in designs for learning!

Elizabeth Boling, Editor-in-Chief
Colin Gray, Assistant Editor

Why I love Convocation

I’ve just returned from an afternoon of celebration.  Convocation (calling together) for the University of Saskatchewan, and specifically for my own College of Education this afternoon.  What a day!

I know there are many of you who don’t buy into the whole mediaeval pageantry.  I get it.  The silly costumes, the formality, the ponderous pace.  It all seems a little pretentious and self-aggrandizing, doesn’t it?

But hold off before you drop the guillotine on us.  There’s some good stuff happening here.

I had the wonderful experience of handing 300 diplomas to our B.Ed. graduates today.  They were moved; I was over the moon.  Picture it:  they walked across a veeerrrrryyy long stage in front of an audience numbering 2500, most for the first and only time of their lives.  I was waiting at the end of their walk with their diplomas, the paper punctuation marks of a lot of work and investment for each and every one of them.  I made a point of trying to make that moment special for them – calling them by name, mentioning their home towns (thanks Registrar!), and most importantly looking them dead in the eyes and letting them know I meant it.  I did.  It was a proud moment for them, but it was also a proud moment we shared.

And it’s an incredibly proud moment for an institution under fire, some of it deserved.  We, as a university (and I mean this collectively), need to rise up.  The university is one of the most enduring institutions on the planet.  Why the university (only churches seem to be so deeply embedded in our civilizations)?  And both universities and religion have endured for centuries? Why? Because at their core, universities and churches search for truth – in very different places—but truth, nonetheless.  What a precious thing!  Truth?

Convocation celebrates this search for truth every time a bunch of aging professors and hopeful new graduates populate the stage.  Let’s not forget that.  I’m aware of the flaws in the system and I know the institution is changing irrevocably.  But give me a minute and a little space, and let me enjoy a moment that transcends centuries

And here are the ETAD graduates who join our proud and growing tradition today:

Colette Delaine

Ryan Hall

Janelle Helfrick Martin

Julien Screawn

Tricia Shynkaruk

Jeff Tang

Allison Treble  (who holds the record for births during a program of study)

And John Wright (honourary ETAD member).

Congratulations to our friends, our colleagues.  Let’s celebrate the mystery of what a university means together.