Position at University of Windsor for online and blended learning specialist



Office of Open Learning

Three-Year Limited-Term Ancillary Academic  Staff, Online and

Blended Learning  Specialist

The University of Windsor invites applications for a Three-Year Limited-Term Ancillary Academic Staff, Online and Blended Learning

Specialist position in the Office of Open Learning commencing July 1, 2014. This position is subject to final budgetary approval.


The Office of Open Learning is a new unit at the University of Windsor with a mandate to enhance the University’s capacity in development and delivery of online, open and blended learning opportunities to our 17,000 students. The Office is a small, dynamic team of online learning specialists, with a growing local and national reputation. For further details on the office, visit our blog at: http://ctl2.uwindsor.ca/openlearning or our website: http://www.uwindsor.ca/openlearning.


The Ancillary Academic Staff , Online and Blended Learning Specialist is part of a small team that collaborates closely with academic departments, individual instructors, graduate and other teaching assistants, support units, and committees across the University of Windsor. The goal of the Office is to increase the development and delivery of high quality online and blended learning opportunities through evidence-based teaching and learning practices. We promote and support effective curriculum reform at all levels, and assist in the introduction and support of appropriate evidence-based educational technology use to teaching practices across the University.


The Office aims to drive pedagogical and cultural change, and support innovation in teaching and learning. The Online and Blended Learning Specialist will support this mandate in a variety of ways, through teaching, scholarship and service. The successful candidate  for  this  position  will  have  teaching  experience  (delivering  workshops,  teaching  formal  and  informal  courses,  and contributing to the University Teaching Certificate and other formal programs where appropriate, particularly with respect to online and blended learning pedagogies); pedagogical service; and research and scholarly activity (promoting and supporting scholarly activity in online and blended teaching learning).


The successful candidate will have a graduate degree (minimum of Masters degree in Educational Technology, Online or Distance Education, or related fields; PhD or Ed.D. strongly preferred); experience in educational development (particular focus on eLearning, online learning, open learning, distance education, or blended learning); experience in course and curriculum design, instructional design,  learning  outcome  development,  curriculum  alignment,  and  event  coordination;  experience  in  curriculum  change  or instructional design project management; successful teaching experience at a university level (undergraduate and/or graduate), and faculty development workshops/teaching; demonstrated strong interest and scholarship in eLearning, online learning, open learning, distance education, blended learning and eAssessment; strong knowledge of pedagogy and effective teaching practices in online and blended teaching and learning; familiarity with teaching and learning literature, and research and scholarship methodologies in teaching and learning; excellent oral and written skills in English; excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to work effectively as part of a small team, and to consult with students, faculty and staff from a variety of backgrounds in a professional and collaborative manner; excellent organisational skills, including managing multiple deadlines and tasks with competing priorities; familiarity with the academic mission of the university, the goals of undergraduate and graduate education, and professional development of university teachers; and demonstrated leadership ability.


Applications will include:

•   a letter of application, including a statement of citizenship/immigration status;

•   a detailed and current curriculum vitae;

•   a teaching or educational development dossier;

•   three current letters of reference forwarded by the referees directly to the Chair.

The short-listed candidates may be invited to provide further information in support of their applications.  To ensure full consideration,

complete an online application (http://www.uwindsor.ca/facultypositions) by the deadline date of May 5, 2014.


Reference Letters to be sent to:

Nick Baker, Chair, Appointments Committee,  The Office of Open Learning

University of Windsor,  401 Sunset Ave., Windsor,  Ontario N9B3P4

Phone: (519) 253 3000, Ext. 4925, Email: nbaker@uwindsor.ca


Applicationsmaystillbereceivedafterthedeadlinedate.Theacceptanceofalatesubmissionisatthediscretionoftheappointmentscommittee. The University of Windsor is committed to equity in its academic policies, practices, and programs; supports diversity in its teaching, learning, and work environments; and ensures that applications from members of traditionally marginalized groups are seriously considered under its employment equity policy. Those who would contribute to the further diversification of our faculty and its scholarship include, but are not limited to, women, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, members of visible minorities, and members of sexual minority groups. The University of Windsor invites you to apply to our welcoming community and to self identify as a member of one of these groups. International candidates are encouraged to apply; however Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority. To ensure that you are considered within the priorities of the Employment Equity Program, you may self identify in your letter of application or in a separate letter to the Presidential Commission on Employment Equity, c/o Gerri Pacecca, Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic,

511 Chrysler Hall Tower, 401 Sunset Avenue, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, N9B 3P4. The University of Windsor, one of Ontario’s leading academic institutions, provides a learning-centred approach which prepares its graduates for the challenges of tomorrow.  Information about the University of Windsor and its programs may be found at http://www.uwindsor.ca.  For more information on living and working at the University of Windsor, visit the Faculty Recruitment and  Retention  website  at  http://www.uwindsor.ca/facultyrecruitment,  or  contact  Ms.  Gerri  Pacecca  (Email:  recruit@uwindsor.ca),  Faculty  Recruitment Coordinator, Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic toll- free at 1-877- 665-6608 within North America or call collect outside of North America at




One door closes, and another…?

I nearly sent this on April 1, but decided it would be a lousy choice of days to announce this formally. Then I got cold feet and resisted posting it at all.  Oh well, here goes.

You may have noticed I’ve renamed this site “ETAD Café Canadien” to mark a change in management. Dirk Morrison and Jay Wilson will be doing most of the posting here in the future, but I’ll still pipe in from time-to-time.

Why? Because as of July 1, 2014, I will be retiring from the University of Saskatchewan. Yup, 36 years and no longer counting. But let me follow up with the obvious—I’m not bailing out on educational technology and design. It is a huge part of my life and identity, and frankly, I love it way too much to walk away. I just won’t be pulling a paycheque from the U of S, or attending any meetings! My first free gig will be to attend the ETAD Summer Institute from July 3-5, and my second will be as a visiting scholar at Indiana University-Bloomington to finish some long overdue work on a book about “studio and design pedagogies” with Elizabeth Boling and Kennon Smith at IU, Katy Campbell from the U of A, and Colin Gray from wherever he lands next year.

But enough about me. I just wanted to get the word out to whomever might care to know, and this seems like the most convenient way. I won’t try to thank everyone who deserves it, but you know who you are, and please know I carry you deep—very deep—in my heart. I salute my colleagues here and elsewhere, and my many former students who have eclipsed my meager contributions and made the entire ride worthwhile. Educational technology is a special entity, maybe because we have so many ways our work can be expressed. We defy any easy definitions, and I think that’s a good tradition to continue. As a friend once told me, “We need to preserve the mystery of our craft”.

But I think the really mysterious aspect of educational technology is that it is a profession chockablock with positive people, people who are welcoming, caring, generous, and passionate about learning. I don’t know why we have attracted so many great people to our shores, but I know they exist, and it is worth celebrating. And I still have a deep reverence for universities and I know how lucky I’ve been to be part of the academy lo these many years.

So thanks, everyone, for continuing to be an inspiration to me, and for what I know will be another few decades of good times ahead for all of us.