IRRODL Vol 16 (2) 2015 just released

Vol 16, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents


Editorial: Volume 16, Number 2 HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Dianne Conrad

Research Articles

Influencing factors in OER usage of adult learners in Korea HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Byoung Wook Kim, Won Gyu Lee, Byeong Rae Lee, Jin Gon Shon
Uptake of OER by staff in distance education in South Africa HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Kerry Lynn de Hart, Yuraisha B Chetty, Elizabeth Archer
Coursera’s introductory human physiology course: Factors that characterize successful completion of a MOOC HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Deborah Engle, Chris Mankoff, Jennifer Carbrey
A usability evaluation of a blended MOOC environment: An experimental case study HTML PDF EPUB MP3
Ahmed Mohamed Fahmy Yousef, Mohamed Amine Chatti, Ulrik Schroeder, Marold Wosnitza
Linking learning styles and learning on mobile Facebook HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Yu-ching Chen
Mobile learning: Moving past the myths and embracing the opportunities HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Tom H Brown, Lydia S Mbati
Student media usage patterns and non-traditional learning in higher education HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Olaf Zawacki-Richter, Wolfgang Müskens, Ulrike Krause, Uthman Alturki, Ahmed Aldraiweesh
A snapshot of online learners: e-Readiness, e-Satisfaction and expectations HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Hale Ilgaz, Yasemin Gülbahar
Measuring disorientation based on the Needleman-Wunsch algorithm HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Tolga Güyer, Bilal Atasoy, Sibel Somyürek
An item response theory analysis of the Community of Inquiry Scale HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Mehmet Barış Horzum, Gülden Kaya Uyanik
Perceived usability evaluation of learning management systems: Empirical evaluation of the System Usability Scale HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Konstantina Orfanou, Nikolaos Tselios, Christos Katsanos
A generic framework for extraction of knowledge from social web sources (social networking websites) for an online recommendation system HTML PDF MP3EPUB
Javubar Sathick, Jaya Venkat
Guidelines towards the facilitation of interactive online learning programmes in higher education HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Lydia Mbati, Ansie Minnaar
Professional task-based curriculum development for distance education practitioners at master’s level: A design-based research HTML PDF MP3EPUB
Xiaoying Feng, Guangxin Lu, Zhihong Yao
Online text processing: A study of Iranian EFL learners’ vocabulary knowledge HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Abbas Ali Ahangar, Mehri Izadi
“Remember to hand out medals”: Peer rating and expertise in a question-and-answer study group HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Marisa Ponti

Brigette McConkey

Managing Editor
International Review of Research
in Open and Distributed Learning (IRRODL)

Athabasca University
1200, 10011 – 109 Street, Edmonton
Phone: 1.780.428.72811.780.428.7281  Fax: 1.780.497.3416

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