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Revue canadienne de l’éducation
Vol. 38, No 2 (2015)

Éditorial (1-2)
Rollande Deslandes
Editorial (1-3)
Erika Hasebe-Ludt

La collaboration entre l’école, la famille et la communauté en milieu à
risque : quels défi s pour la formation initiale des enseignants du
primaire? (1-28)
Nicole Tremblay, Catherine Dumoulin, Mathieu Gagnon, Patrick Giroux
L’éducation aux médias dans le Programme de formation de l’école
québécoise : intégration, pratiques et problématiques (1-33)
Normand Landry, Joëlle Basque
Portrait des pratiques évaluatives déclarées par des enseignants
d’éducation physique et à la santé au primaire (1-28)
Olivia Monfette, Johanne Grenier
Quelle approche pédagogique pour optimiser l’efficience de l’apprentissage
du complément du nom ? (1-22)
François Vincent, Vincent Grenon, Olivier Dezutter
Queer pedagogy in sex education (1-22)
George Drazenovich
Development and Evaluation of a Peer Mentorship Program for Aboriginal
University Students (1-34)
Jennine S Rawana, Daniella D Sieukaran, Hien T Nguyen, Randy Pitawanakwat
Athletics, Music, Languages, and Leadership: How Parents Influence the
Extracurricular Activities of their Children (1-34)
Dianne Ashbourne, Lesley Andres
Fostering Cultural Humility among Pre-Service Teachers: Connecting with
Children and Youth of Immigrant Families through Service-Learning (1-30)
Darren Lund, Lianne Lee
Digital storytelling for transformative global citizenship education (1-28)
Hoa Truong-White, Lorna McLean
The Influence of Collective Asynchronous Discourse Elaborated Online by
Pre-Service Teachers on Their Educational Interventions in the Classroom
Stéphane Allaire

Book Reviews/Recensions d’ouvrages
Education 2.0: The Learning Web Revolution and the Transformation of the
School (1-4)
Audrey Dahl

Canadian Society for the Study of Education/Société canadienne pour
l’étude de l’éducation

International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning (IRRODL), v. 16 (3) released

International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning (IRRODL)

Vol 16, No 3 (2015)

Table of Contents


Editorial: Volume 16, Number 3 HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Rory McGreal

Research Articles

Who studies MOOCs? Interdisciplinarity in MOOC research and its changes over time HTML PDF MP3EPUB
George Veletsianos, Peter Shepherdson
Are the most highly cited articles the ones that are the most downloaded? A bibliometric study of IRRODL HTML PDFMP3 EPUB
Raidell Avello Martínez, Terry Anderson
Developing, using, and interacting in the flipped learning movement: Gaps among subject areas HTML PDF MP3EPUB
Hsin-liang Chen, Kevin L. Summers
Exploring students’ intention to use LINE for academic purposes based on technology acceptance model HTML PDFMP3 EPUB
Willard Van De Bogart, Saovapa Wichadee
Learners’ goal profiles and their learning patterns over an academic year HTML PDF MP3EPUB
Clarence Ng
The use of a mobile learning management system at an online university and its effect on learning satisfaction and achievement HTML PDFMP3 EPUB
Won Sug Shin, Minseok Kang
Exploring intensive longitudinal measures of student engagement in blended learning HTML PDF MP3EPUB
Curtis R Henrie, Robert Bodily, Kristine C Manwaring, Charles R Graham
Let’s talk about digital learners in the digital era HTML PDF MP3EPUB
Eliana Esther Gallardo-Echenique, Luis Marqués-Molías, Mark Bullen, Jan-Willem Strijbos
Roles of course facilitators, learners, and technology in the flow of information of a cMOOC HTML PDF MP3EPUB
Oleksandra Skrypnyk, Srećko Joksimović, Vitomir Kovanović, Dragan Gašević, Shane Dawson
A paradigm shift: Adoption of disruptive learning innovations in an ODL environment: The case of the University of South Africa HTML PDFMP3 EPUB
Blessing Mbatha
University of Toronto instructors’ experiences with developing MOOCs HTML PDF MP3EPUB
Hedieh Najafi, Carol Rolheiser, Laurie Harrison, Stian Håklev
Conceptualizing and investigating instructor presence in online learning environments HTML PDF MP3EPUB
Jennifer C Richardson, Adrie A. Koehler, Erin D. Besser, Secil Caskurlu, JiEun Lim, Chad M. Mueller
Exploring the interaction equivalency theorem HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Brenda Cecilia Padilla Rodriguez, Alejandro Armellini
In abundance: Networked participatory practices as scholarship HTML PDF MP3 EPUB
Bonnie E Stewart

Research Notes

Massive open online course completion rates revisited: Assessment, length and attrition HTML PDF MP3EPUB
Katy Jordan

Pleased to announce the publication of “People, Education, Technology”

We in ETAD are proud to announce the publication of a new iBook written by students and alumni of our grad program.  Sixteen brave and patient colleagues are offering their thoughts on a variety of topics in educational technology:

  • Don’t Teach Technology—Stacey Monette
  • Skills Love,or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Students’ Tools — Ian Hecht
  • E-Learning in K-12 Settings — William Kapphahn
  • The New School Library Reinvented, Reimagined and Restructured — Michelle Davis
  • The E-volving Book Reader: Keeping up with tomorrow’s learners—Jeremy Lang
  • Technology for Saving Endangered Languages —David Morin
  • Technology to Support Mathematical Fact Fluency — Cara Hauber
  • Gamification: Going Beyond Game-Based Learning —Brian Simmons
  • Neuroscience, Learning, and Connectivism: Making Connections—Roxanne A. Bitner
  • Online Learning & Student Engagement —Sherry Vetter
  •  Social Media and PLNs: Why being connected is important — Clay Bergen
  • Connecting Schools and Parents With Social Media —Kevin C. Kitchen
  • Tools for Involving Parents of Adolescents —Randy White
  • Digital Citizenship Part 1 — Kelly J. Wandler
  • Digital Citizenship Part 2 — Crissy Sutherland
  • Supporting ICT Curriculum Integration — Glenn Nowosad
I’m so happy these fine people suffered through the relentless versioning, nagging, editing, attributing, detailing and other nonsense that goes into publishing this kind of volume.
We hope you will download it and enjoy it.  The book is free, but you’ll need an iTunes account to download it. Here’s the iTunes store posting for the book.