Designers for Learning Webinar, June 5, noon

Interested in instructional design? Service-learning opportunities? Adult basic education and GED test preparation? If so, please join our next Designers for Learning webinar on Friday, June 5th at noon (eastern). To connect to the live session on Friday, please visit our website for login information:

After concluding our recent service-learning cohort, we are now deep in the planning of our next service-learning project for the fall. We are building on our past work to facilitate a larger scale open online service-learning experience (likely on the Canvas Network open course platform) in which participants will gain experience in the instructional design process while designing open educational resources to support adult basic education, such as GED test preparation and other high school equivalency initiatives. Please join us as we discuss the design of this new service-learning experience, including the project’s aims and facilitation.

To help manage the conversation, the live meeting is capped to the first 25 attendees. However, the recording will be posted after the session where you will be able to add your comments.

See you Friday!

Jennifer Maddrell

Designers for Learning
Designers for

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