in education Vol 21, No 1 (2015) released

in education
Vol 21, No 1 (2015): Spring 2015
Table of Contents

Editorial (1)
Patrick Lewis

Applying First Nations Holistic Lifelong Learning to the Study of Crime
Jonathan Anuik
Aboriginal Perspectives and/in Mathematics: A Case Study of Three Grade 6
Teachers (12-22)
Kathleen Nolan, J. Harley Weston
Indigenous Knowledge Production: Negotiating the Binary of Indigenous and
Non-Indigenous Education (23-37)
Marcus Waters
School-Linked Services: Practice, Policy, and Constructing Sustainable
Collaboration (38-56)
Twyla Salm
An Interdisciplinary Curriculum Conversation on Fear and Learning (57-73)
Theodore M. Christou, Judy Wearing
A Cosmopolitan Outlook on Canadian Citizenship:  A Case Study in Montreal
Ghada Sfeir
Developing Teacher Candidates’ Self-Efficacy Through Reflection and
Supervising Teacher Support (93-113)
Glenda L. Black
Learning to Be: Emerging Discourse in Awakening Transformation in Education
Vanessa V. Tse, David F. Monk
Inner Landscapes:  Transformative Learning Experiences of Canadian Education
Interns in Greece (130-151)
Eleoussa Polyzoi, Karen Magro
A Framework of Creative Education (152-170)
Kuan Chen Tsai

Book Review
A Review of Psychodynamic Perspectives on Working With Children, Families,
and Schools (171-175)
James McNinch
From the Classroom to the Bedroom: A Review of  Language Learning, Gender
and Desire–Japanese Women on the Move  (176-179)
Rubina Khanam, Jennifer Burton

in education


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