Pleased to announce the publication of “People, Education, Technology”

We in ETAD are proud to announce the publication of a new iBook written by students and alumni of our grad program.  Sixteen brave and patient colleagues are offering their thoughts on a variety of topics in educational technology:

  • Don’t Teach Technology—Stacey Monette
  • Skills Love,or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Students’ Tools — Ian Hecht
  • E-Learning in K-12 Settings — William Kapphahn
  • The New School Library Reinvented, Reimagined and Restructured — Michelle Davis
  • The E-volving Book Reader: Keeping up with tomorrow’s learners—Jeremy Lang
  • Technology for Saving Endangered Languages —David Morin
  • Technology to Support Mathematical Fact Fluency — Cara Hauber
  • Gamification: Going Beyond Game-Based Learning —Brian Simmons
  • Neuroscience, Learning, and Connectivism: Making Connections—Roxanne A. Bitner
  • Online Learning & Student Engagement —Sherry Vetter
  •  Social Media and PLNs: Why being connected is important — Clay Bergen
  • Connecting Schools and Parents With Social Media —Kevin C. Kitchen
  • Tools for Involving Parents of Adolescents —Randy White
  • Digital Citizenship Part 1 — Kelly J. Wandler
  • Digital Citizenship Part 2 — Crissy Sutherland
  • Supporting ICT Curriculum Integration — Glenn Nowosad
I’m so happy these fine people suffered through the relentless versioning, nagging, editing, attributing, detailing and other nonsense that goes into publishing this kind of volume.
We hope you will download it and enjoy it.  The book is free, but you’ll need an iTunes account to download it. Here’s the iTunes store posting for the book.

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