International Journal on Interaction Design & Architecture(s) – IxD&A, n. 24, released.

This journal was new to me, but it appears to provide an interesting intersection of design disciplines, often confronting design challenges in education.

International Journal on Interaction Design & Architecture(s) – IxD&A

N. 24 special issue on:

Peer-to-Peer Exchange and the Sharing Economy: Analysis, Designs, and Implications
(guest editors: John M. Carroll, Victoria Bellotti)
including a focus section on
Innovative Designs with Social, Mobile and Wearable Technologies for Creative Teaching and Learning
(guest editors: Ilona Buchem, Isa Jahnke, Yishay Mor, Dimitris Apostolou)

is now available for free downloading:
see “ToC” below.

IxD&A implements the Gold Open Access road to its contents with no charge to the authors

IxD&A Journal, issue N. 24 – ToC

• Preface
by Victoria Bellotti and John M. Carroll

• Airi Lampinen, Kai Huotari, Coye Cheshire
Challenges to Participation in the Sharing Economy: The Case of Local Online Peer-to-Peer Exchange in a Single Parents’ Network
pp. 16 – 32
• Christiane Moser, Alina Krischkowsky, Katja Neureiter, Manfred Tscheligi
Mediating Informal Care Online: Findings from an Extensive Requirements Analysis
pp. 33 – 48
• Ann Light & Clodagh Miskelly
Sharing Economy vs Sharing Cultures? Designing for social, economic and environmental good
pp. 49 – 62
• Naemi Luckner,  Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Katharina Werner, Özge Subasi
Setting up and Running a Sharing Service: an Organisational Perspective
pp. 63 – 80
Focus Section
• Preface to the Focus Section
by Ilona Buchem, Isa Jahnke, Yishay Mor, Dimitris Apostolou
• Nikos Mitropoulos, Maria Taramigkou, Dimitris Apostolou
Exploiting Readily Available Information to Support Everyday Creativity on the Move
pp. 88 – 99
• Angel Suarez, Stefaan Ternier, Marco Kalz, Marcus Specht
GPIM: Google Glassware for inquiry-based learning
pp. 100 – 110
• Ilona Buchem, Jörn Kreutel, Agathe Merceron, Marten Haesner, Anika Steinert
Wearable Learning for Healthy Ageing through Creative Learning: A Conceptual Framework in the project “Fitness MOOC” (fMOOC)
pp. 111 – 124

• Thomas Cochrane, Laurent Antonczak
Designing Creative Learning Environments
pp. 125 – 144
• Annamaria Cacchione
Creative use of Twitter for Dynamic Assessment in Language Learning classroom at the university
pp. 145 – 161


• Next issue, N. 25, will be dedicated to

“Technology-enhanced assessment: Agency change in the educational eco-system”
(guest editors: Marco Kalz, Eric Ras, Denise Whitelock)

and will contain a focus section on

“Making Places: Visualization, Interaction and Experience in Urban Space”
(guest editors: Paula Trigueiros, Michael Smyth, Ingi Helgason, Sarah Gallacher)

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