Call for book reviewers | À la recherche de rédacteurs ou rédactrices de recensions (CJE/RCE)

The Book Reviews Editors of the Canadian Journal of Education (CJE)/Revue
Canadienne de l’éducation (RCE) are seeking scholarly reviewers for the
current roster list. Book reviewers for CJE-RCE will be sent one book/piece
of media in their general subject area once a year and will be asked to
write a critical 700 to 900 word review within the month of receipt. Book
reviews, like articles, are vetted by the CJE-RCE editorial team.

If you are interested in being placed on the book review roster for English
language books, please contact Dr. Kara Smith, University of Windsor, at For French language books, please contact Dr. Samira
ElAtia, University of Alberta, at Please include your
name, title, and area(s) of expertise in education, and send the information
to us prior to September 30, 2015.

Katy Ellsworth
Managing Editor
follow us on Twitter @cje_rce
Canadian Society for the Study of Education/Société canadienne pour
l’étude de l’éducation

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