Journal Of Online Learning Research Call for Proposals: Professional Development in K-12 Online and Blended Learning

Journal Of Online Learning Research

Call for Proposals: Professional Development in K-12 Online and Blended Learning

As the popularity of online and blended learning escalates in primary and secondary education, the need for quality professional development for these learning environments also grows. Research indicates that the skills of traditional or face-to-face teachers carryover to the online and blended learning environment; however, the paradigm shift often requires additional skills to account for the new instructional mediums. Adjustments to traditional instruction and even new skills are needed to implement blended learning philosophy with fidelity. Likewise, administrator expecta- tions also have to be clarified in these new environments.

For this special issue, the co-editors are seeking submissions that share research and ideas for professional development programs that prepare future and current teachers for

these new learning environments. An important emphasis for this special issue is on professional development programs and practices that exist and their impacts on blended and/or online learning practices. More specifi- cally, the co-editors are seeking submissions that focus on the development, implementation, assessment, or other related topics focusing on professional development surrounding the online/blended learning communi- ties, or in areas related to this genre of education. The goal is to publish scholarly papers from a broad cate- gory of topics with a focus on professional development in blended and/or online learning environments.

Suggested topics related to K-12 professional development include (but are not limited to):

• Addressing All Stakeholders • Adoption Models
• Assessment

  • Badging/Recognition Best Practices Case Studies
  • Characteristics of Effective Implementation
  • Choosing the “Right” Model
  • Climate
  • Culture
  • Competency-Based Models Desired vs. Actual Results Development (In-House vs.

    3rd-Party, etc.) and Impacts Effective Models

  • Efficacy
    • Follow-Up for Continued Support/Growth Impact Implementation Incentive-Based PD Modeling • Motivation
    • Needs Assessment Obtaining Stakeholder Buy-In Personalization
    • Readiness Assessment Stakeholder Attitude
    • Stakeholder Perception

    Various topics are suggested; however, all aspects of professional development for K-12 online/blended learning are encouraged for consideration. Submissions must be based on scholarly research and should be grounded in a review of existing literature and theory when appropriate. All methods and approaches of re- search are welcome with an author agreement of understanding that all manuscripts will be subject to review and editorial revision.

Journal Of Online Learning Research

Call for Proposals: Professional Development in K-12 Online and Blended Learning

Submission Guidelines

Please submit manuscripts directly through the AACE Publications submission link below:

Deadline for Submissions: January 15, 2016

Do not send manuscripts to the Guest Editors. The manuscripts must go through a double blind review process. Note: Contributors may also be requested to serve as reviewers for this project. Authors are encouraged to contact the Guest Editors to propose an idea for submission to ensure the appropriateness of the proposed study for this venue.

Guest Editors

Dr. Wendy Oliver, Ed.D.

Dr. Rebecca Parks, Ph.D.

JOLR is a publication of AACE.

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