International Journal of Designs for Learning, special issue on K-12 published

Volume 7, Issue 1 of the International Journal of Designs for Learning, a special issue which focuses on K-12 Classroom Implementation – part 1, is published.

Laurie Dias & Krista Glazewski, Special Issue Guest Editors
Elizabeth Boling, Editor-in-Chief
John Baaki, Assistant Editor
Colin Gray, Board Member & Editorial Assistant
Randa Fathy, Editorial Assistant


*IJDL Vol 7, No 1 (2016):

==Introduction to the Special Issue – Part 1==

*When We Partner with Teachers: Educators as (Co-)Designers*
Laurie Dias & Krista Glazewski


*Design of a Socio-scientific Issue Curriculum Unit: Antibiotic Resistance, Natural Selection, and Modeling*
Patricia J. Friedrichsen, Troy D. Sadler, Kerri Graham, & Pamela Brown

*Framing, Reframing, and Teaching: Design Decisions Before, During and Within a Project-based Unit*
Vanessa Svihla, Richard Reeve, Jamie Field, Wendell Lane, Jamie Collins, & Abigail Stiles

*Enacting a Reform-Based Science Curriculum: Design Changes to Extend Inquiry*
Charles J. Eick & Michael Dias

*Bioinformatics in the K-8 Classroom: Designing Innovative Activities for Teacher Implementation*
Michele Shuster, Kira Claussen, Melly Locke, & Krista Glazewski

*Motivating Students’ STEM Learning Using Biographical Information*
Janet N. Ahn, Myra Luna-Lucero, Marianna Lamnina, Miriam Nightingale, Daniel Novak, & Xiaodong Lin-Siegler

*Taking Students on a Journey to El Yunque*
Steven McGee & Jess K. Zimmerman

*SURGE’s Evolution Deeper into Formal Representations: The Siren’s Call of Popular Game-Play Mechanics*
Douglas B. Clark, Satyugjit Virk, Pratim Sengupta, Corey Brady, Mario Martinez-Garza, Kara Krinks, Stephen S. Killingsworth, John Kinnebrew, Gautam Biswas, Jacqueline Barnes, James Minstrell, Brian Nelson, Kent Slack, & Cynthia M. D’Angelo


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