3M Fellows Leadership in Education (SoLE) Grant

3M Fellows Leadership in Education (SoLE) Grant

*Proposals (no more than 4 pages) are due May 20, 2016. 
Use this link for more details on the grant and selection process. 

We would like to invite you to consider the 3M Fellows Scholarship of Leadership in Education (SoLE) Grant Program.

As part of the Scholarship of Leadership in Education initiative, the aim of the SoLE Grant program is to support, mobilize, and celebrate the efforts of educational leaders across Canada, and to augment the 3M Fellowship’s ability to engage and sustain this crucial aspect of teaching and learning. The goal is to have broad participation, and it is a wonderful chance to encourage and support EDC collaboration with 3M Fellows and other colleagues across our institutions.

The applying team will include a 3M Fellow, and may be led or initiated by someone other than a 3M Fellow. Projects may involve inter-institutional or discipline-based initiatives, or they may seek to create collaborative relationships across disciplines at a single institution.

Successful proposals will include: rationale for the proposal; a method for the evaluation of the initiative’s outcomes; identification of its scalability to other disciplines or institutions; and a dissemination strategy for the results. Projects would normally be completed within a year of the award.

The total budget available for the grant pogram is $7500 and one to three grants will be awarded.

The review committee for this year is composed of members of the 3M Council and members of the EDC executive.  If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact me. 

Esther E. Enns
Chair, Council of 3M National Teaching Fellows


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