2016 International Conference on Education and Modern Educational Technologies (EMET 2016), Corfu Island, Greece, July 14-17, 2016

I don’t know this organization or anything about the conference but pass it along. After all, it’s in Greece.  But asking for papers until two weeks prior to the conference sounds like they’re scrambling for content.

The 2016 International Conference on Education and Modern Educational Technologies
(EMET 2016), Corfu Island, Greece, July 14-17, 2016
would like to invite you to submit a paper until June 30

About the Conference
* Invited and Regular Papers will be published in various Indexed Journals
(ISI, EBSCO, DBLP, SCOPUS, ACM, IET/INSPEC, Proquest, Copernicus etc…) based on quality and
reviewers’ recommendations or in our Books in Springer Verlag.

* Authors will be informed about the title of the Journal before their registration.
(MDPI, Hindawi, Springer, CRC etc  are among the Publishers)

General Chairs
Prof. Philippe Dondon
?cole Nationale Sup?rieure
Informatique et Radiocommunications
de Bordeaux
1 avenue du Dr Albert Schweitzer,
B.P. 99 33402
Talence, Cedex

Prof. Pierre Borne
IEEE France Section Chair,
IEEE Fellow,
IEEE/SMC Past President
Ecole Centrale de Lille
BP 48, 59651 Villeneuve d’Ascq,

Senior Program Chair
Prof. Giovanni Fulantelli,
National Research Council
of Italy, Institute for Educational
Technologies Palermo, Italy

Program Chairs
Prof. Cathy H. Qi,
University of New Mexico,
Albuquerque, NM, USA

Prof. Konstantinos G. Arvanitis,
Agricultural University of Athens,
Athens, Greece

Tutorials Chair
Prof. Sara De Freitas,
Coventry University,

Special Session Chair
Prof. Toshio Okamoto,
The University of Electro-
UEC & KCG, Japan

Workshops Chair
Prof. Xiang Bai,
Huazhong University of
Science and Technology, China

Local Organizing Chair
Dr. Claudio Guarnaccia, University of Salerno, Italy
Publication Chair

Prof. Wasfy B Mikhael, IEEE Fellow,
University of Central Florida
Orlando, USA

Publicity Committee
Prof. Andreas Koenig,
Technische Universitaet
Kaiserslautern, D-67663
Kaiserslautern, Germany

Prof. Ivan G. Avramidi,
New Mexico Tech, Socorro,
New Mexico, USA

International Liaisons
Prof. Janusz Brzdek,
Pedagogical University
of Cracow, Cracow, Poland

Prof. Valeri Mladenov
Technical University of Sofia,

Assist. Prof. Georgi Tsenov
Technical University of Sofia,

Topics of Interest
Educational Software and Development, Computers for Education, Distance Learning and Distance Teaching, Intelligent Robots as Teachers, Classroom Monitoring, New types of Examinations, Education Reforms, Continuous Collaboration of Industry and Education, Bridging the gap of Education and the Requirements of the Production, Multimedia for Education, Internet for Education, Web-based Education, E-School and E-University, E-Learning and E-Pedagogy, Educational Software and Development, Virtual school, Virtual Classroom, Synschronous and Non-Synchronous E-Learning, Impact of the E-Learning and Society, Distributed multimedia and Networks for education, Networking, Reliability aspects for Education, Privacy issues for education, Distributed computing and distributed data bases for education, Pricing and economic analysis of web-based systems for education, Social and cultural impact of
modern communications for education, Basic Science in Engineering Education, Continuing Education & Its Delivery, International Recognition of Qualifications, Studies in Engineering and the needs of the Production and Market, Grants, Funds, Prizes and Projects for the New Educational Technologies, Globalization in education. Challenges and problems, Web-Management of education, Transfer of Know-how for educational technologies, Environment and educational technologies, Educational technologies for Women and Minorities, Educational technologies for People with Special Needs, Integration of Computers, Internet, Multimedia for Educational Purposes, Changes and Challenges in Engineering Education, Supervision and Re-Organization of Laboratories with New Technologies, Management of Educational Institutes, Psychological Aspects and Relations between lecturers and students, Methodologies in
examinations and relevant problems, Examinations and Tests via Internet, Awards and Education, Educational Technology, Asynchronous Learning, Authoring Technology, Best Practices In ICT Classrooms, Constructivist Perspectives, Cooperative/Collaborative Learning, Data Mining Strategies For E-Learning Organizations, Diffusion Of Innovation, Distance and Open Learning, Educational Technology & Globalization, E-Portfolios, Human Resources In Educational Technology, Human-Computer Interaction, Hypermedia Applications, ICT Integration, ICT Literacy In Education, Improving Classroom Teaching, Innovation and Change In Education, Instructional Design, Intelligent E-Learning Systems, Intelligent Training Technology, Interactive E-Learning Systems, Interactive Learning Environment, Knowledge Management In E-Learning, Learning and Content Management Systems, Learning and Teaching With Technology,
Learning Objects, Life Long Learning and Technology, Mobile Learning, Multimedia Applications, Network Based Education and Training, Pedagogical and Practical Issues, Professional Development & Teacher Training, Simulations in Education, Teaching/Learning Strategies, Video Games For Learning, Virtual Classroom, Virtual University, Resources and Funds in educational technologies, Quality Assurance in educational technologies, Promotion of the Cultural Heritage through educational technologies, Election of Faculty Members via Web, Educational Textbooks through the WWW, Web voting, Web banking, E-democracy, E-commerce, E-health services, Others….


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