International Journal of Designs for Learning (IJDL) Vol 7, No 2 (2016)

We are pleased to announce that Volume 7, Issue 2 of the International Journal of Designs for Learning, a special issue which focuses on K-12 Classroom Implementation – Part 2, is published!

On behalf of the Special Issue Guest Editors and IJDL Editorial Staff:

Krista Glazewski & Laurie Dias, Special Issue Guest Editors

Elizabeth Boling, Editor-in-Chief

John Baaki, Assistant Editor

Colin Gray, Board Member & Editorial Assistant

Randa Fathy, Editorial Assistant


*IJDL Vol 7, No 2 (2016):

==Introduction to the Special Issue – Part 2==

*When We Partner With Teachers: A Commentary on Partnerships, Scaffolding, and (Accidental) Emphasis on STEM*

Krista Glazewski & Laurie Dias




*Design and Implementation of a Technology-Supported Socioscientfic Inquiry Unit in High School Biology*

Thomas Brush, Suhkyung Shin, Sungwon Shin, Jiyoon Jung, John Gensic, & Krista Glazewski


*Makerspace Classrooms: Where Technology Intersects With Problem, Project, and Place-Based Design in Classroom Curriculum*

Christian McKay, Tarrence D. Banks, & Scott Wallace


*Critical Design Decisions for Successful Model-Based Inquiry in Science Classrooms*

Ronald W. Rinehart, Ravit Golan Duncan, Clark A. Chinn, Trudy A. Atkins, & Jessica DiBenedetti


*Designing for Consistent Implementation of a 5th Grade Digital Math Curriculum*

Jeremy Roschelle, Steven Gaudino, & Samantha Darling


*K-12 Engineering Outreach: Design Decisions, Rationales, and Applications*

Gamze Ozogul, Jana Reisslein, & Martin Reisslein


*The Invention Coach: Integrating Data and Theory in the Design of an Exploratory Learning Environment*

Jenna Marks, Deena Bernett, & Catherine C. Chase


*Iteratively Refining a Science Explanation Tool Through Classroom Implementation and Stakeholder Partnerships*

Camillia Matuk, Kevin W. McElhaney, Jennifer King Chen, Jonathan Lim-Breitbart, Douglas Kirkpatrick, & Marcia C. Linn


*Atom Tracker: Designing a Mobile Augmented Reality Experience to Support Instruction About Cycles and Conservation of Matter in Outdoor Learning Environments*

Amy M. Kamarainen, Shari Metcalf, Tina A. Grotzer, Craig Brimhall, & Chris Dede

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