Creative Education call for papers, special issue on “multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity in education”

The Creative Education (CE, ISSN Online: 2151-4771), a peer-reviewed open-access journal, is seeking papers for the upcoming special issue on “Multidisciplinarity and Interdisciplinarity in Education“. We would like to invite you to submit or recommend original research papers to this issue through our Paper Submission System.
Published Articles in CE
Measuring Student Knowledge, Ignorance and Risk Aversion with Objective Examination Questions
Alan Dugdale
Generational Change and the Military Dictatorship in Brazil: The Debate on the “AI-5 Generation”
Silvana Seabra Hooper
A Study on the Process Oriented Evaluation System of Undergraduate Training Programs for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Yanyan Sheng, Qiushan Yu, Liyou Chen
Teaching Practice Representations in Higher Education from the Perspective of Students: Contributions for Professor Training
Gildo Volpato, Angela Cristina Di Palma Back
Achieving Diversity in STEM: The Role of Drawing-Based Instruments
Florence F. McCann, Edmund A. Marek
The Civilizing Process and International Laws Published in the Jornal do Aracaju-SE (1872)
Simone Silveira Amorim, Vera Maria dos Santos, Andrea Karla Ferreira Nunes, Everton Gonçalves de Ávila, Ester Fraga Vilas-Bôas Carvalho do Nascimento
Creativity and Complex Thoughts of Gifted Students from Contributions of Edgar Morin and Rudolf Steiner
Fernanda Hellen Ribeiro Piske, Tania Stoltz, Ettiène Guérios, Samarah Perszel de Freitas
Google-based Impact Factor: 0.89 
This impact factor is an alternative impact factor which is based on Google Scholar citations count. Details
Best regards,
Dr. Rossano Andre Dal-Farra
Universidade Luterana do Brasil, Brazil
Guest Editor
CE Editorial Office

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