ETADuation – Fall, 2016 – A Great Day of Celebration!

There are few things in life sweeter than being witness to your students becoming your colleagues.  Yesterday we welcomed eleven new scholars into the ETAD alumni group–not just a pleasure–an honour.  Here they are, and a couple of photos to boot. We missed connecting with a couple of you at the ceremony, and of course it is a distance program so a lot of you couldn’t be there.  But we were thinking of you nonetheless!




If you know any of these fine scholars, contact them and let them know how wonderful they are.

  • Cheryl Anderson
  • Rosemary Buck
  • Brennan Dunbar
  • Stephen Gartner
  • Rick Heise
  • Carol Mackey
  • Elenna Nickel
  • Stephanie Pipke-Painchaud
  • Brad Schoenfeld
  • Jon Scott
  • Patrick Thalheimer


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