Creative Education special issue on “Teaching and Teacher Education”submissions

The Creative Education (CE, ISSN Online: 2151-4771), a peer-reviewed open-access journal, is seeking papers for the upcoming special issue on “Teaching and Teacher Education“. We would like to invite you to submit or recommend original research papers to this issue through our Paper Submission System.
Aims & Scope (not limited to the following fields)
• Teacher training
• Teacher development
• Teaching methods
• Teaching management
• Teaching practice
• Teaching evaluation
Google Scholar
There are 2831 citations for articles published in the journal CE as of October 2016 based on the statistics from Google Scholar.
Other Special Issues in CE
• Indigenous Knowledge and Education (Submission Deadline: January 26th, 2017)
• Language Teaching and Learning (Submission Deadline: February 22nd, 2017)
• Curriculum: Policy, Theory and Practice (Submission Deadline: April 28th, 2017)
Dr. Cathy H. Qi (University of New Mexico, USA)
CE Editorial Office

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