Issue 20:4 of the journal Online Learning.

Issue 20:4 of the journal Online Learning.

Online Learning
Vol 20, No 4 (2016)
Table of Contents

Intro for special issue: AERA Online Teaching and Learning SIG
Jennifer C Richardson, Karen Swan, Marquetta Strait

Special Conference Issue: AERA Online Teaching and Learning SIG
Students’ Perceptions of Learner-Learner Interactions that Weaken a Sense of
Community in an Online Learning Environment
Krystle Phirangee
Exploring the Effect of Scripted Roles on Cognitive Presence in Asynchronous
Online Discussions
Larisa Olesova, Margaret Slavin, Jieun Lim
Culturally Responsive Teaching Knowledge and Practices of Online Faculty
Keri L. Heitner, Miranda Jennings
Analysis of Discussion Board Interaction in an Online Peer-Mentoring Site
Regina Ruane, Vera Lee
Gender Differences in Online High School Courses
Susan Lowes, Peiyi Lin, Brian R.C. Kinghorn
Online Teacher Work to Support Self-Regulation of Learning in Students with
Disabilities at a Fully Online State Virtual School
Mary Frances Rice, Richard Allen Carter, Jr.
“More Confident Going into College”: Lessons Learned from Multiple
Stakeholders in a New Blended Learning Initiative
Aimee L. Whiteside, Amy Garrett Dikkers, Somer Lewis

Section II
Introduction to Section II
Peter Shea
Relationships Between Minority Students Online Learning Experiences and
Academic Performance
Alex Kumi Yeboah, Patriann Smith
Using Importance-Performance Analysis to Guide Instructional Design of
Experiential Learning Activities
Sheri Anderson, Yu-Chang Hsu, Judy Kinney
Evaluation of Online Graduate Epidemiology Instruction and Student Outcomes
Jacqueline Knapke, Erin Haynes, Julie Breen, Pierce Kuhnell, Laura
Smith, Jareen Meinzen-Derr
Ethos and Practice of a Connected Learning Movement: Interpreting Virtually
Connecting Through Alignment with Theory and Survey Results
Maha Bali, Autumm Lee Ann Caines, Helen DeWaard, Rebecca Hogue


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