New education titles from UBC Press


UBC Press is pleased to announce our new and noteworthy education-related titles now available in Canada from our publishing partners Athabasca University Press and Jessica Kingsley Publishers.


For instructors:

Should any of these books be of interest to you or another member of your faculty for course consideration, please complete the secure online exam copy request form; it is not necessary to enter a discount code, simply click the ‘Order in Canada’ button. Your courier address, including phone number is required for shipping. Or you can contact Harmony Johnson if you are interested in using any of these books as course texts. email –


For professional development:

We are pleased to offer individuals a 20% discount on the purchase of any the below books. Please use discount

code “ECJA-20”, offer valid until January 31st, 2017.

  Emergence and Innovation in Digital Learning
Foundations and Applications

Edited by George Veletsianos  

Education, Distance Education, Education Technology


$39.95 Paperback

ISBN: 9781771991490

Athabasca University Press 2016

Educational systems worldwide are facing an enormous shift as a result of sociocultural, political, economic, and technological changes. The technologies and practices that have developed over the last decade have been heralded as opportunities to transform both online and traditional education systems. While proponents of these new ideas often postulate that they have the potential to address the educational problems facing both students and institutions and that they could provide an opportunity to rethink the ways that education is organized and enacted, there is little evidence of emerging technologies and practices in use in online education. Because researchers and practitioners interested in these possibilities often reside in various disciplines and academic departments the sharing and dissemination of their work across often rigid boundaries is a formidable task.
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Learning in Virtual Worlds
Research and Applications

Edited by Sue Gregory, Mark J.W. Lee, Barney Dalgarno, and Belinda Tynan 

Education, Education Technology


$39.95 Paperback

ISBN: 9781771991339

Athabasca University Press 2016

Three-dimensional (3D) immersive virtual worlds have been touted as being capable of facilitating highly interactive, engaging, multimodal learning experiences. Much of the evidence gathered to support such claims has been anecdotal but the potential that these learning environments hold to solve traditional problems in online and technology-mediated education – primarily learner isolation and student disengagement – has resulted in considerable investments in virtual world platforms like Second Life, OpenSimulator, and Open Wonderland by both professors and institutions. To justify this ongoing and sustained investment, institutions and proponents of simulated learning environments must assemble a robust body of evidence that illustrates the most effective use of this powerful learning tool.


In this authoritative collection, a team of international experts outline the emerging trends and developments in the use of 3D virtual worlds for teaching and learning.
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  A Practical Introduction to Restorative Practice in Schools
Theory, Skills and Guidance

By Bill Hansberry



$39.95 Paperback

ISBN: 9781849057073

Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2016

Proven to reduce bad behaviour and exclusions, and encourage happier, safer school environments, restorative justice is an effective approach to conflict resolution.


Suitable for education settings from preschool to college, this guide explains what restorative justice is, how it can be used in schools, what it looks like in the classroom and how it can be implemented. Featuring case studies that illuminate the underlying restorative principles and practices, this book covers a wide range of topics from the basics of restorative justice, through to school-wide processes for embedding the approach in policy and practice.
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PANDAS and PANS in School Settings
A Handbook for Educators

Edited by Patricia Rice Doran

Aboriginal Studies; Two-spirit People; Health


$30.95 Paperback

ISBN: 9781849057448

Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2016

PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Strep) and PANS (Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome) occur when an abnormal immune response produces brain inflammation, leading to unusual psychological symptoms in children. Symptoms can include OCD, tics, ADHD, anxiety disorders, sensory issues and marked personality changes.


This practical handbook explains how educators can distinguish between these symptoms and pre-existing conditions, and offers strategies for supporting students with PANDAS and PANS in school settings.
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