Congratulations #ETAD 2017 M.Ed. recipients!

We’re pleased to welcome the newest cohort of colleagues receiving their Master of Education degrees in Educational Technology and Design at the University of Saskatchewan into the ETAD alumni family. Here they are!

  • Nazarene Beaulieu, M.Ed.
  • Rebekah Bennetch, M.Ed.
  • Roxanne Bitner, M.Ed.
  • Murray Henry, M.Ed.
  • Arlene Low, M.Ed.
  • Karman Ogorevc, M.Ed.
  • Jennavieve Perkins, M.Ed.
  • Jesse Reis, M.Ed.
  • Roin Salehzadah, M.Ed.
  • Stephan Scott, M.Ed.
  • Shelagh Semper, M.Ed.
  • James Sika-Pokoo, M.Ed.
  • Kyle Webb, M.Ed.
  • Michael Zintel, M.Ed.

It was a wonderful day for these outstanding scholars. We caught a few of you after the ceremony, but lost some in the crowd and chaos.  But we send our warmest congratulations to each of you, even if we didn’t get a chance to say so in person!


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