CELT – New Issue Published

Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching has just published its latest
issue at http://celt.uwindsor.ca/ojs/leddy/index.php/CELT. We invite you to
review the Table of Contents here and then visit our web site to review
articles and items of interest.

Thanks for the continuing interest in our work,

Neil Haave, PhD
University of Alberta, Augustana Faculty
Managing Editor, Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching

Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching
Vol 10 (2017): Empowering Learners, Effecting Change
Table of Contents

Editorial Board and Reviewers

Message from the President of the STLHE
Pathways to Empowering Learners and Effecting Change (i-ii)

Assessing Teaching to Empower Learning (iii-x)
Neil Haave

Empowering Teaching
Levers for Change in Educational Development in Canada: Looking Back,
Looking Forward (3-14)
Debra Louise Dawson
The 3M National Teaching Fellowship: Findings from a National Questionnaire
on the Impact  of the Program (15-26)
Arshad Ahmad, Denise Stockley, Ron Smith, Amber Hastings
Faculty Teaching Practices and Perceptions: Comparative Analysis Based on
Time Spent Lecturing (27-44)
Gulnur Birol, Adriana Briseño-Garzón, Andrea Han

Implementing Change
Blended Synchronous Delivery Modes in Graduate Programs: A Literature Review
and How it is Implemented in the Master Teacher Program (47-60)
Sawsen Lakhal, Dianne Bateman, Janie Bédard
Implementing Competency-Based Education (61-74)
Lynn Curry, Marcia Docherty
Curriculum Mapping Across the Disciplines: Differences, Approaches, and
Strategies (75-88)
Fiona Rawle, Tracey Bowen, Barb Murck, Rosa Hong
Engaging in Enhancement: Implications of Participatory Approaches in Higher
Education Quality Assurance (89-100)
Jovan F Groen
Broadening Understanding: Students’ Perspectives on Respecting all Sexual
Orientations and Gender Identities in University Classrooms (101-116)
Danielle Nadine Pierre

Empowering Learners
Learning Skills Workshops Supporting First-Year Courses (119-128)
Sheilagh Grills
Enquiry-Based Learning Online: Course Development and Student Experience of
a First-Year Enquiry-Based Learning Seminar (129-142)
Jacqueline Murray, Nathan John Lachowsky, Natalie Green
The Development and Delivery of a Multidisciplinary Research Course for
First-Year International Science Students (143-154)
Priyanka Lekhi, Meghan Allen, Fok-Shuen Leung, Brett Hollis Gilley, Georg
W. Rieger, Joanne A Fox
Student Time Usage During Fall Reading Week (155-162)
Ken Cramer, Rebecca Pschibul
One Week, Many Ripples:  Measuring the Impacts of the Fall Reading Week on
Student Stress (163-172)
Heather Poole, Ayesha Khan, Michael Agnew

Effective Learning
Student Motivation in Response to Problem-based Learning (175-188)
Sherry Fukuzawa, Cleo Boyd, Joel Cahn
The Collaborative Case:  From Class Assignment to Publication (189-196)
Colleen Sharen, Mark Feltham, Michelle Braecker
“Did I do good?”: The Teaching and Learning of Ethics (197-202)
Anne Mary Clare Barnfield
Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Research and Education in Canada: A
Review and Suggested Framework (203-222)
Daniel Gillis, Jessica Nelson, Brianna Driscoll, Kelly Hodgins, Evan
Fraser, Shoshanah Jacobs

CELT: Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching


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