Dr. Jay Wilson receives his 3M National Teaching Fellowship in Halifax today

Jay Wilson received his 3M National Teaching Fellowship today in Halifax at the 2017 STLHE-SAPES conference on the beautiful campus of Dalhousie University.  This is a huge deal for Jay, for ETAD, and for the College of Education and the University of Saskatchewan.  The 3MNTF is the most prestigious recognition a teacher in post-secondary or higher education can receive in Canada.  And it is unlike other honours or awards.  It comes as an invitation to join the Fellowship.  There’s a lot of fanfare, but there is no money, no trophy—just a rare and precious invitation.  Only 10 individuals are invited to the Fellowship each year, and selections are made following a rigorous examination of credentials.  The new cohort of Fellows meets for a retreat—this year at the Fairmont Chateau Montebello  in Montebello, Quebec— for 3 days in November devoted to conversations about teaching among a group of people who are passionate about it.  That’s the reward, a chance to talk about teaching with new friends who love it as much as you do.  Fitting, and a perfect playground for Jay.

Congratulations, Jay!  Here’s hoping the glow of this fabulous honour stays with you for a lifetime!






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