International Journal of Designs for Learning (IJDL), Vol. 8 Issue 1 published

We are pleased to announce that Volume 8, Issue 1 of the International Journal of Designs for Learning, a special issue which focuses on Makerspaces, is published!


On behalf of the Special Issue Guest Editors and IJDL Editorial Staff:

Mary Jo Dondlinger, Julie McLeod, & Chris Bigenho, Special Issue Guest Editors

  • Elizabeth Boling, Editor-in-Chief
  • John Baaki, Assistant Editor
  • Colin Gray, Board Member & Editorial Assistant
  • Thomas Edelberg, Editorial Assistant
  • Randa Fathy, Editorial Assistant


And of special note, this issue includes an article by ETAD professor Marguerite Koole, ETAD alumnus Jordan Epp, along with Kerry Anderson, Robert Hepner, & Mohammad Hossain.  Nice job!


*IJDL Vol 8, No 1 (2017)*:

*Special Issue on Makerspace Design Cases*

Mary Jo Dondlinger, Julie McLeod, & Chris Bigenho


*Challenges and Tradeoffs When Engaging Young Makers With Constructing for Others*

Nathan Holbert, Sawaros Thanapornsangsuth, & Marleen Villeroy

*What Will Keep the Fish Alive? Exploring Intersections of Designing, Making, and Inquiry Among Middle School Learners*

Scott Wallace, Tarrance Banks, Mishael Sedas, Krista Glazewski, Thomas A. Brush, & Christian McKay

*MakerSpace to Capstone: Plans and Progress Towards an Integrated K-12 Design Thinking and STEAM Curriculum*

Tamarah Henderson, Peter Vogel, & Meghan Campagna

*The Unspace Case: Developing a Maker Movement in a Multipurpose, Flexible Space, Library Setting*

Craig Shepherd, Cassandra Kvenild, Shannon M. Smith, & Alan Buss

*DigiFab Kits: Mini Mobile Makerspace Design in the Arts Curriculum*

Aaron D. Knochel

*The Bubbler as Systemwide Makerspace: A Design Case of How Making Became a Core Service of the Public Libraries*

Erica Halverson, Alexandra Lakind, & Rebekah Willett

*An Evolving Makerspace for Teacher Education*

Tonia A. Dousay

*Designing a Makerspace for Pre- and In-Service Teachers*

Marguerite Koole, Jordan Epp, Kerry Anderson, Robert Hepner, & Mohammad Hossain

*Can You DIG it? Designing to Support a Robust Maker Culture in a University Makerspace*

Katie Krummeck & Rob Rouse

*Establishing a Virtual Makerspace for an Online Graduate Course: A Design Case*

Kevin M. Oliver, Robert L. Moore, & Michael A. Evans

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