Mobile Learning Strategies Course Extended | Join through December 31st

Mobile Learning Strategies Course Extended | Join through December 31st

Enrollment in our Mobile Learning Design Sprint has exceeded our wildest expectations and new participants continue to join. Therefore, we’ve decided to extend the course through at least December 31, 2017. Join the 135+ people already enrolled in our Mobile Learning Strategies Design Sprint and add mobile learning strategies to your instructional design portfolio.

  • To enrollSee Design Sprint Overview
  • Cost: $20 US
  • Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for the course.
  • Required resource purchases: None

New Course | Developmental Evaluation Starts September 25th

Designers for Learning’s next instructional design service-learning course is enrolling now with a September 25th start date. You will learn by doing in our latest free project-based service course hosted on Canvas Network. Build your portfolio as you complete a real-world authentic instructional design challenge to evaluate and revise open educational resources designed in our prior instructional design courses.

Why participate?

Participants in our network tell us they want three things: 1) experience, 2) networking opportunities, and 3) practice with the latest instructional design tools and techniques. Our Mobile Learning Design Sprint has been designed to offer you all three with a focus on mobile learning, a rapidly emerging area in education. Our goal in this Design Sprint is to help you prepare for the types of mobile learning design scenarios you might experience when seeking a job or working with a client. This Design Sprint helps you expand your designer’s toolkit by focusing on a range of mobile learning tools and contextualized learner interaction strategies.

Our upcoming developmental evaluation course focuses on evaluation and revision/adaptation of our existing roster of open educational resources for adult basic education. This self-paced course experience is great for those who want to gain experience for good, but would like a shorter time commitment with open due dates for project deliverables. With opportunities to connect with other participants, you’ll share and compare tools, resources, and designs with others in our network.

What have prior students said about our courses?

  • Having a project-based course is helpful as I learn best when DOING something rather than just thinking about it. In the end, I will have a document that I can add to my digital portfolio.
  • Gives hands-on, real-world experience.
  • It has deepened my understanding of each phase of the instructional design process.
  • I wanted to update myself on curriculum development. The course is set up well and the materials are excellent. The lesson planning activities are also excellent. As we read, we can think about the specific components of our lesson.
  • In the discussions, I was able to read about other people’s various ideas. Also, I could build networks with people who are interested in the same issue/topic.
  • Your course design is fabulous! I really appreciate how thoughtful and intentional you were in mapping out our journey.
  • Thank you so much. I learned a lot about the design process.
  • I am very honored to be a part of this course. I hope to be of more assistance once the course has completed. Please keep me in mind for future opportunities.

Please share with your network

Our 3,500+ past participants heard about our instructional design courses through word-of-mouth. Please join us in 2017 to gain experience and positively impact adult basic education by enrolling and sharing this announcement with your network. Thank you!

Dr. Jennifer Maddrell

Designers for Learning is organized as a nonprofit corporation in the State of Illinois, and operates exclusively for charitable purposes in accordance with section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. We help nonprofits and other social enterprises achieve their missions by targeting underserved educational and curriculum needs through service-learning.


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