International Journal of Designs for Learning, Announcement of Vol. 9 Issue 1 (2018)

We are pleased to announce that Volume 9, Issue 1 of the International Journal of Designs for Learning, is published!

On behalf of the IJDL Editorial Staff:
Elizabeth Boling, Editor-in-Chief
John Baaki, Assistant Editor
Colin Gray, Board Member & Editorial Assistant
Tom Edelberg, Editorial Assistant


*IJDL Vol 9, No 1 (2018):



*The Make to Learn Electric Motor Design Sequence*

Glen Bull, Joe Garofalo, Michael Littman, Matthew Hoffman


*Advancing Culturally Responsive Science Education in Secondary Classrooms through an Induction Course*

Julie C. Brown, Elizabeth A. Ring-Whalen, Gillian H. Roehrig, Joshua A. Ellis


*Using Causal Diagrams to Foster Systems Thinking in Geography Education*

Marjolein Cox, An Steegen, Jan Elen


*Developing Multi-Disciplinary Skills through a Course in Educational Software Design*

Marisa Exter


*Designing for Young Children: Learning, Practice, and Decisions*

Yanghee Kim, Diantha Smith


*Refining a Summer Biomedical Research Training Program for American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) Students*

Naomi Lee, Alfreda Nelson, Vanessa Svihla Svihla


*Makecourse-Art: Design and Practice of a Flipped Engineering Makerspace*

Sanghoon Park, Howard Kaplan, Rudy Schlaf, Eric Tridas


*Accessible Making: Designing Makerspaces for Accessibility*

Katherine M. Steele, Brianna Blaser, Maya Cakmak


*The Evolution of Designing E-Service-Learning Projects: A Look at the Development of Instructional Designers*

Jill Stefaniak, Jennifer Maddrell, Yvonne Earnshaw, Paige Hale


*The Evidence Based Curriculum Design Framework: Leveraging Diverse Perspectives in the Design Process*

Philip J Vahey, David Reider, Jillian Orr, Ashley Lewis Presser, Ximena Dominguez


*Empowerment and Constraint: Design of a Homecare Worker Training Program*

Amber Gallup, Judith Tomasson, Vanessa Svihla


*Design and Implementation of a Web-based Project Management Information System*

Jeremy Bellah, Liang Chen, Chris Zimmer


*Development of an Online Graph-Oriented Collaborative Argumentation Tool for Middle School Students: A Faculty Expert’s Perspective*

Pi-Sui Hsu, Silvia Ginting, Margot Van Dyke


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