CJSoTL: Call for Senior Editor and two Co-Editors

The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CJSoTL) is inviting applications for three editorial positions: A Senior Editor and twoCo-Editors. Each position is addressed below.

The primary responsibilities of the Senior Editor include:

  • Developing and maintaining the vision for the journal
  • Establishing and monitoring journal processes and procedures
  • Writing/co-writing relevant journal related documents
  • Reading article abstracts and assigning manuscripts to Co-Editors for screening
  • Liaising with the Co-Editors and the Associate Editors to periodically review and ensure smooth running of the submission and peer review processes
  • Offering support and mentorship to Co-Editors and Associate Editors
  • Participating in editorial board meetings
  • Promoting the journal in relevant venues
  • Participating in the collective governance of the journal

The primary responsibilities of the two Co-Editors include:

  • Screening submissions to ensure that they meet CJSoTL’s minimum criteria for peer review
  • Assigning submissions to available Associate Editors who guide them through the review process
  • Providing support to the Associate Editors
  • Collaborating with their Associate Editors to ensure the quality of the journal is sustained
  • Writing editorial introductions to each issue published
  • Participating in editorial board meetings
  • Liaising with one another, and with the Senior Editor, to ensure a smooth work flow, and a reasonable distribution of labour across the editorial team

More information about these roles, including more detailed role descriptions and the selection criteria, are available in the full Senior Editor and Co-EditorCalls for Applications.

Written applications for these positions should be no more than two pages single-spaced and they should address the selection criteria (linked above). They should also include a current Curriculum Vitae and must be submitted no later than June 11, 2020 to the Managing Editor, Dr. Ken N. Meadows, atkmeadow2@uwo.ca.

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